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  1. Hi all, I got bored one-day and decided to use Nike's teambuilder website to re-design some NFL uniforms Up first: The Carolina Panthers I like Carolina's design right now. Simple and clean. I wanted to keep that going and add a little to it. The home jerseys stay black with white numbers and a light blue outline. However I added the Panthers across front in light blue and put some light blue sleeves on it. Also a light blue/white stripe across the middle. The away jersey follows the same design as the home jersey with a some color swaps to fit the jersey. The alt light-blue jersey also works as the color rush jersey. Let me know what you guys think! Next up will be the Arizona Cardinals
  2. Some of you may have seen my first NFL thread, but that went bad because of lack of ideas and some trouble with taking C&C on my part - which I've gotten better on, so hopefully that won't be a problem - but before I kick it off in a couple weeks, I want to make sure I'm on the right track. So, without further ado, I give you the Washington Redskins. I don't feel the Redskins' logo is racist - I can explain that if anyone's interested. Anyways, it's obvious I'm using the Mach Speed template, which pretty much eliminates the use of sock stripes, but there wasn't an Elite 51 template, so this is my only choice. On the design itself, it's obvious I took a lot of inspiration from '79 to '99 era uniforms. Those were the best, most consistent sets they've ever used, and it used a unique striping pattern. I got rid of the gold pant too - those were a bad idea from the start. Oh, and here's feature I'll include in the series - showing which combos are available to the team. Burgundy/White White/Burgundy Okay, so that's not whole lot to explain. Please provide C&C and I'll really try to incorporate it this time.
  3. Here are the first two teams of my NFC East vision. The Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants:
  4. I made a logo update of the Redskins, mainly subtle changes, but they add up. As always C&C is appreciated. here's a side by side view(old left, new right): Its a rough draft so it's not perfect
  5. This is my first post - excited to get some internet criticism. Plan on completely redesigning or simply tweaking each NFL team, based on my own personal preference and C&C. Starting with the NFC East with the Washington Redskins, far and away the most drastic change I plan on making. It's ridiculous that we still carelessly throw around a racial slur when we talk about football in Washington, so the 'Skins are getting re-branded. Hold onto your skirts, ladies, because here are your Washington Federals: Stay tuned for the rest of the NFC East and (eventually) the entire NFL.