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  1. ...or "Noopa" for short. Water polo is a team-based aquatic sport that is very similar to land-based games like rugby and basketball. Originating in late 19th century Britain, it is considered a showcase of strength and skill in the water. It seems to be most popular in southeastern Europe, where they have the lion's share of Olympic gold. It is also popular in the US, but mainly on the collegiate level. The NWPA was formed in 20XX so that college talent can have a place at home to play professionally. The league will start with 12 teams divided into two conferences... WESTERN CONFERENCE Los Angeles Surf Seattle Kings Vancouver Seven Chicago Aquatics St. Louis Archers Oakland Invaders EASTERN CONFERENCE New York Eagles Toronto Shamrocks Boston Pilgrims Miami Giants Tampa Bay Mermen Houston Thunder ...and here's two concepts right off the bat! NEW YORK EAGLES Nothing special here. This is just to give you an idea of what a water polo uniform, what there is of one, could look like. The swimsuit will be submerged most of the time, so most of the focus is on the cap. It tells you what team the player is on, and what his number is. BOSTON PILGRIMS And here's Boston, the Eagles' biggest rival. A little more colorful than New York, but I still tried to maintain a traditional flavor. So what do you think? Should I continue?
  2. I am trying to start a fictional water polo league . Water polo has always been a cool sport but never got much popularity in the usa. i will start from 1889 a year after the first water polo game was played in USA. On March 20 1889 Trevor Lyman a successful business man began to develop an interest this this new sport. using some of his money he developed the National Water Polo League and founded the first team the Manhattan Water Polo Club