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  1. So this is more of a curiosity question that I...thought would go here, but I'm not entirely sure. Feel free to move if it belongs somewhere else. In case you haven't already seen it, WSJ posted a video online a few years back detailing the process for changing MetLife Stadium from Giants to Jets. It's a fairly time consuming ordeal, taking roughly two full work days. In other words, not a process that can be completed overnight. So my question is...if in some alternate reality the Giants and Jets both hosted a playoff game on the same weekend, what do you think they would do in regards to stadium decor? Would they find some way to hurriedly change end zone panels inbetween the game, or would they just go with some kind of neutral color "New York" wordmark? I do know both teams hosted wild card games in the playoffs after the 1985 season, but I'm not having any luck finding pictures of what they did then...
  2. HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION: February 1st, 2015, Roger Goodell gives his State of the League address. At the end of it, Goodell announces that the NFL has decided to eliminate all different shades of colors, giving the reason that they "danger the brand identity of the NFL: (BS, I know). Picture yourself as an employee at the office of the NFL, you have been tasked with deciding what exact shade each color will have, with the only requirement being it must have been used previously by a team in the league. Blue: Brown: Green: Grey: Orange: Purple: Red: Yellow: Now, members of, which shade of each color would you pick, bearing in my every team in the NFL would need to pick one of these 8 colors if they want to use something besides Black and White, which would be the standard one used by every team right now