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  1. History Founded in 2000, the league started with a mere four teams. The teams all wanted to have names based on the culture and history in Kansas, Missouri, and Kansas City. Four Founding Teams Kansas City Monarchs Pays homage to the former Negro League Monarchs Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, Buck O’Neil Only one losing season in their history Location: Leawood American League (2010) Prairie Village Pioneers Santa Fe trail passed through the area National League (2010) Lenexa Bison Bison used to roam the open plains of Kansas National League (2010) Shawnee Chiefs Deep Native American history of the region National League (2010) The league struggled at times, finding places to play, but the players endured. The league remained at 4 teams until 2006, when 4 more teams came looking to join the league. Independence Bushwackers Civil War era, name given to Confederates in Missouri American League (2010) Raytown Rangers Cattle history, cowboy-like term American League (2010) KCMO Scouts “The Scout” statue that overlooks downtown Kansas City Location: KCMO American League (2010) Lees Summit Steers Cattle history American League (2010) After the first expansion, the league started to gain popularity in Kansas City, and gained 8 more teams in 2010. KCK Catfish Catfish are abundant in the Missouri River, right next to KCK National League (2010) Blue Valley Bees Bee is the state insect National League (2010) Liberty Twisters KC is right in tornado alley American League Blue Springs Bears Bears on the state flag American League Leavenworth Slammers Penitentiary in Leavenworth American League Overland Park Oaks City flag of Overland Park National League Free State Jayhawkers Similar to KU Jayhawks, but slightly different Name given to Union supporters Free State (Union) Location: Lawrence National League Gardner Trailblazers Gardner is located where the Santa Fe and Oregon trails split National League The league remained at 16 teams until 2016… Championship History 2000 - KC Monarchs (1) 2001 - KC Monarchs (2) 2002 - KC Monarchs (3) 2003 - Shawnee Chiefs (1) 2004 - Lenexa Bison (1) 2005 - KC Monarchs (6) 2006 - KCMO Scouts (1) 2007 - Shawnee Chiefs (2) 2008 - Shawnee Chiefs (3) 2009 - Lenexa Bison (2) 2010 - Prairie Village Pioneers (1) 2011 - Prairie Village Pioneers (2) 2012 - Blue Valley Bees (1) 2013 - KC Monarchs (7) 2014 - Blue Springs Bears (1) 2015 - KC Monarchs (8) 2016 - ??? Teams without a championship Overland Park Oaks Free State Jayhawkers Gardner Trailblazers Liberty Twisters KCK Catfish Leavenworth Slammers Raytown Rangers Lees Summit Steers Independence Bushwackers As you can see, there hasn’t been a clearly dominant team since the Monarchs won the championship back-to-back-to-back. General League Info Teams play a 40 game schedule 20 home games 20 road games After each team has played 20 games All-Star game Home Run Derby Playoffs 2000-2010 4 team bracket 2010-2015 8 team bracket Top 4 teams from each league Rules Same as MLB Both leagues us DH 6 players to a team Pitcher Same pitcher as normal 1B Fielder is typical first baseman Infielder Fielder can play anywhere on the infield, shifting to the hitter 3B Fielder is typical third baseman LCF Fielder can play anywhere from the left field line to center field RCF Fielder can play anywhere from the right field line to center field Players can swap positions Teams may have up to 5 bench players 5 inning games Age to play 16+ years old Teams redraft after every year Maintains competitiveness within league Each team has an owner/founder that stays with the team Players can “break off” to form new teams after end of year I have stuff in the works already, and should have the first team up tomorrow. Uniforms will be done for every team, and I will go team by team in the order that the teams were presented in. If you have a suggestion for a team name change or a new team, please suggest it, because rebrands and expansions are always happening!
  2. DarkKnight


    Edit: Accidentally posted this twice, disregard this post.
  3. Last summer I started a thread about the South Fulton Wiffleball League, a summer wiffleball league. Looking back on it, I was actually pretty disappointed with most of my concepts so I have decided to give the give the league a makeover, which includes expansion to 14 teams total, a new league logo, an identity overhaul for most of the teams, and a cleaner presentation. My concept for this league is a summer weekend league, beginning on Memorial Day weekend and ending on Labor Day with an All-Star game on the 4th of July, but I'm still working out the kinks of the week to week schedule. The game would be played with baseball-style wiffleball rules, with some modifications, however, including only seven players per team, among some other necessary changes. Now that I have the boring stuff out of the way, let me get to the concepts themselves. First is the new league logo, which is a classic red, white and blue pentagon with a large wiffleball front and center. It's simple, but by my estimate, also effective. Next, I'd like to present the first team in the new SFWL South Conference, The Astoria Pirates. The Pirates draw their name and colors from Astoria High School, whose athletics team wore the pirates logo and colors proudly for many years. Well thanks for taking the time to have a look and any thoughts or C&C are appreciated. I'd love to hear what everyone has to say.
  4. I have been working on this idea for a long time and finally got the time to finish it up this past week. In my spare time I have been working on some logos for a summer wiffleball league that I call the South Fulton Wiffleball league. I started with a sketch of the league logo and it just snowballed from there. In the league's inaugural season there will be 6 teams that will be divided into North and South divisions. Each team will play the other two teams in the division twice and each team in the opposite division once for a total of 8 division and 3 inter-division games. The season would start on Memorial day, with each team playing one game, with one inter-division game to end the day. There will be games every Sunday afternoon from until the weekend before Independence Day, which will be the beginning of the All Star Break. On Independence Day, there will be a Homerun Derby in the morning and an All Star game between the North and South. The regular season would end the week before Labor Day weekend and the playoffs will begin Saturday with the wildcard games in each division. The winner of the wildcard games will go on to play the top team in its respective division to vie for a spot in the Labor Day Classic. The best of 3 Labor Day series will begin in the morning on Labor Day and conclude, hopefully, with the deciding game under the lights. If I still have your attention, here comes the good part, the logos and teams. Naturally, I'll start with the league logo, so without further ado, I present to you the SFWL. . . The first team in the South Division will be up tomorrow. Thanks for your time and C&C is always appreciated.