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  1. It's been my impression that Arizona's current number font is not terribly popular with the majority of members on the boards. (Am I right in thinking that?) While I don't think they're the best-designed numbers I've ever seen, I think they do have quite a bit of potential. I don't care for the pointed serifs, though they do balance out the weights of the various numbers and, along with the rounded parts of the counters, add a certain character to the set. And, as a rule, I don't like open-topped 4s. So, with a skew toward giving Arizona's numbers a "throwback" or classic look, I made changes to the set. I'm not a designer by trade, and I certainly don't claim to understand the intricacies of type design (especially intentional design to improve readability, etc.), so I am open to any and all C&C. The original Nike set is on top, and my variation is on the bottom: I think perhaps the most changed and potentially generic number in my update is the 4. I didn't know exactly what to do with it, but leaving it open wasn't an option so as to not break my rule. Ha. I realize that with Nike's original, the angle of the left side of the 4 appears to match the angle in the 7 and 9. In my version, I kept the crossbar at the same height, but closed the top. I think there are a lot of variations for the 4 though: I think of the 6 options here, no. 2 may be the one that stays closest to the original while closing the top. Anyway, thoughts?
  2. I made this a while back since I like looking at college football logos. I always wanted to make a good cougar logo. One that would say yeah we know tons of ways to show our ferocity. Cougars have the perfect size and agility to kill. I want to build a detailed website of this university I created for a school project. This is their sports team logo I created. The Southern Ohio University Cougars. I didn't copy any logos, but Houston cougars looks a bit similar. I made a lot of different changes to make it my own. Near the bottom of the state there are hills so I was thinking of cougars being in that area. I used a gold and navy although their 3rd color is brown. The third color helps separate from looking like PITT or Navy. I like to think of tension with being close to Marshall so I picked Huntington as the nearby town. I would make the school 20 minutes away on the Ohio side. An explanation say for the made up future Huntington is much bigger and needs a university to keep fostering growth. School Name: Southern Ohio University Nickname: SOU (not zou) Mascot: Cougars Colors: Dark Navy Blue, Gold-like, light Brown, White Location: 20 Minutes north of Huntington Division: I (when good) Conference: ACC(when able to compete lol) Rival: Marshall Tell me what you think. I am trying to design other logos for the school to add to my website I'm making.
  3. I'm looking for hi-quality/hi-rez vintage sports/team logos, art, or advertising from Kentucky-centric sports, schools, teams. An example would be finding vector or large version of the old Louisville (Baseball) Colonels from the '50s-60s (this one). Thank you for any help you can lend.
  4. This quote is from this article here on the matter. Here is their current athletics logo.
  5. Hello! First time poster here. Recently, I went to the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt football game, and figured that Kentucky deserved new uniforms, on the Mach Speed template, despite their current ones being just fine. Here is my take on the Wildcats' uniforms: Home Away Alternate 1 Alternate 2 And lastly, a 3rd Alternate
  6. Some of you may have seen my UMass Lowell and (ongoing) Maine Black Bears redesigns. I've decided to work on other Hockey East teams, and instead of continuing with new threads for each, I'm going to place the rest in this thread. My next team are the UNH Wildcats. Currently, UNH has a logo which is... Not great. Not the worst I've ever seen, but nothing special. I don't have much to say about the logo, so I'll just let you guys have a look. You know the drill, C+C if you'd like.
  7. Decided to post my first concept, and my first attempt at Adobe Illustrator. This is a redesign of Wharton High School, a school in Tampa. They use the typical Clemson logo and I felt they could use something more unique. Let me know what you think. I realize some work needs to be done. I'm up for any ideas or elaborations on the concept.
  8. Here is a poster concept that I made for the University of Arizona, Posting this on here because I would like to get some feedback and constructive criticism on how it looks!!
  9. I am turning this thread into my own PAC 12 Nike Rebirth of all the schools Uniforms. I have already completed Arizona and all the Uni Combos have been posted Below! South: Arizona Colorado
  10. Hey everyone! Was working on a concept for my old high school and wanted everyone's feedback to see where I can improve! And then had a little fun with it Here is the old logo for comparison (Yes, it's Mizzou)