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  1. My main questions are: Do I ditch the light blue altogether? Should I keep the shoulders the way they are? Is the logo on the jersey too big?
  2. Hello all! I've been pretty excited for the upcoming Olympics this Summer. I've always been a huge fan of the games, and also have always loved the branding behind each of the games (unpopular opinion, I actually really liked the London 2012 branding.....NO DON'T LEAVE THE THREAD COME BACK!) Coupled with that excitement, I've felt the need lately to really kickstart my portfolio and get a bunch of ideas cranked out, produced, and finished. That all married together and inspired me to take on this personal project. It can be described pretty simply, a few days ago I thought about a lot of North American cities and wondered, "many of these will probably never host an Olympics in the near future...but what if they did?" So with curiosity running crazy, I sketched out a bunch of ideas for quite a few cities (and resketched...and went back to the drawing board...y'all know the drill), and dreamed up what each city would be represented by if they were to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Now I know Los Angeles is currently the city being supported by the USOC and that none of these other options are realistic now (or would have been to begin with anyways), so I kindly ask if y'all would please focus on the designs and concepts themselves, rather than the legitimacy of the cities' chances. I'm well aware that Omaha or Nashville among many others aren't all that likely, but will happily take C&C for their designs anyways! Also, I won't be taking requests for potential cities at the moment, so I kindly ask you please refrain from requesting as well. For now, the concepts I've developed or are in the process of developing are all North American cities, but I'm planning on expanding to cities all over the world in due time. But also keep an eye out for three or four famous fictional cities as well down the road....*cough*I'm a huge Parks and Rec fan*cough*Pawnee*cough* So enough about all that, how about some designs? We'll start off with two for now. First off, Jacksonville. Jacksonville was honestly one of the hardest ones to develop. I went through a few different directions - the Andrew Jackson statue, the Main St. Bridge, and some forms of abstract palm trees/hidden athlete imagery (think Nagano 1998) - before finally latching onto the Nautical theme. I just loved the simplicity that the spelled-out "JAX" had to offer, and felt it clicked best overall. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially considering how tough it was to develop, and am eager to hear your thoughts. And second, Winnipeg! The bison/flame idea came right off the bat during brainstorming, and couldn't help but run with it. I chose Blue Bombers-esque colors because for some reason, I feel like they're great "prarie colors" and provided a great contrast to the colors of the Olympic logo. One thing I would like some help with is some potential suggestions for adding a little more color, if y'all feel it's needed; I explored the idea of adding some light blue and orange to the navy and gold, but nothing I came up with looked all that great. If y'all know of a way that can work, I'd love to hear it, among all other suggestions as well of course! Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for more as the days come!
  3. I am glad to see the return of an old IHL and AHL foe. But, I dont really care for how they colored the moose. I looks flat and dull needs a little to make it jump out like the old logo did. I made new uniforms for home, road, alt. I liked Manitoba's jerseys they had pre-edge template. Also, I made a variant on the Jets number to have a Moose flair with the antlers incoperated into the Jets font. (I did not do the player name font with the antlers though.) I created a shoulder patch with an M and antlers to mimic the main logo. I am open to any and all criticisms on this whether they are positive or negative. The CCM player pants and CCM helmet templates are my creation also. I have thought of uploadign them to a file site just have not done it yet. Thank you for your time. I more than likely will make some corrections of my own also to the shoulder logo
  4. I'm stoked that my Jets are back in the playoffs and on Monday will be attending my first Whiteout in 22 years! It was enough to inspire me to make my first concept in a very very long time. A lot has changed since the whiteouts of the 80s and 90s. Unlike back then, most fans nowadays wear jerseys to the games. Trouble is, the Jets' current white jersey isn't quite white enough for my tastes - much too much blue. So I whipped up this Whiteout jersey concept. Obviously not for the team to wear on the ice - just for the fans. The jersey logo is from the team's many playoff ads which show it obscured by snowfall. I added snowfall to the silver striping too. C&C please!
  5. I've had this idea and these concepts sitting around for months (years, in some cases). There was a time when I was working on this project furiously, but I've been far too short on time recently to give it the attention it needed. But since so much of it has been completed for so long, I decided just to throw it out there, in large chunks. So here's the basic idea: A Super NHL, with 40 teams divided into two conferences of four divisions with five teams each. The divisions would be geographic in nature, with teams playing a "weighted" schedule: i.e. 6 games versus division opponents; 4 games versus the "paired" division opponents (Northeast and St. Lawrence, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, et c.); two games versus the "unpaired" division opponents in the same conference (St. Lawrence and Southeast, et c.); and one game versus opponents from two different non-conference divisions--at home versus one division and on the road versus the other--with the non-conference divisional matchups rotating each year. By my count, that makes for a 74-game regular season that emphasizes regionality and cuts down on travel costs. Obviously, there will be a few expansion teams. Two teams from each division would make the playoffs, with each round being a best-of-seven series. The first two rounds would keep the "paired" divisions together, seeding the four teams independently of division and allowing them to play out. The advancing two teams (i.e. the Northeast/St. Lawrence winner and the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast winner) would play for the Conference Championship, and the two conference champs would meet for the Stanley Cup. All right. So I'm just going to post these in alphabetical order, and I'll include a league map that I'll continually update. Almost all of the work is completed and has been for quite a while, but there are a few stragglers that I'll try my best to get finished in a timely matter. Basically, each team has had something altered in some way, no matter how small. Everyone gets a "third" jersey, but the Original Six teams get "heritage" jerseys to be worn only against other Original Six teams. Some of this work has been posted by me before, some has since been sold to other parties, and some of it is likely to be adapted from other peoples' work. In each case, I'll do my best to make appropriate citations for each, but since it's been so long, I may miss something. Please feel free to point out any misses on my part. Also, some of the players' names and numbers used have probably changed by now. Forgive me for not going back and updating everything! So here we go. The uniform template is based on the current (and fantastic) style at, and I wouldn't have been able to create this series without the amazing resources there. I've done my best to create custom logos and type for each team, and I'll try to keep descriptions clear and (most importantly) brief. Here's the first map update, with the first five teams:
  6. *welp* It's been a while since I've done a concept here! I think it's fair to say a lot of people would love to see an alternate for the Winnipeg Jets. I know as a Jets fan that I would at least. Of course a lot of people when thinking of what an alternate could look like, commonly refer to either an old Jets uniform from the '79 - '96 NHL team or the '72 - '79 WHA team. Also a baby blue uniform is a popular idea as well. When sitting down and sketching logos one time, I referred back to the primary logo the team had at first. It was never put on any uniform from my knowledge and is a fairly solid logo. So with a few tweaks, modernization and a few touches of my own that reflect of the current team and a bit of the past, here's what I came up with... I wanted to do a red jersey really badly as I always see all the shades of blue and white used commonly. I also wanted to keep the colours very simple and clean. Most notably I have an all 'baby blue' crest which some might find odd but I felt was appropriate in attempting that faux-vintage look which was of course my goal here. The logo is of course an update of the first logo that the WHA Winnipeg Jets franchise used. I tried cleaning up a lot of the more dated or messier elements of the logo and felt successful with the result. The white outline is rather thick but I felt helped make the logo pop much better and would also be balanced with the striping on the uniform. Though some might find it odd, I felt the use of 'Midnight Blue' was the best choice for the rest of the blue used in the uniform as it wouldn't really overtake the amount of 'Baby Blue' used. Would love to hear what you guys have to say of course. Thanks for viewing and any C&C is appreciated.
  7. The day after suffering a horrible evisceration at the hands of Ricky Ray and the Toronto Argonauts, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made a feeble attempt at distracting their increasingly restive fanbase by introducing a new 80s-inspired third jersey. This jersey is essentially the same as the one that was worn from the early 80s until the end of the 1994 season, a time when the Blue Bombers were a dominant team in the CFL with Grey Cup wins in 1984, 1988 and 1990. The fans have been clamoring for this jersey for some time, mainly because it hits the nostalgia sweet spot for their fans (it's hard to get excited about 1950s throwbacks if you were born in 1976), and also because they are, quite frankly, a beautiful set of unis. My only gripe with these is the tiny looking sleeve logo. As I recall, the sleeve logos were much bigger back in the day... verging on double the size of what's shown in the image below. How hard can it be to look at some vintage photos of the old jerseys in action and actually get the details right? Oh well, other than that they're fine. They almost made me forget about the Bombers getting shredded last night. (Have any other CFL teams rolled out 80s-era thirds yet? I'm assuming that as with the 50s, 60s and 70s-era retros, this is a league-wide thing.)