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  1. Under Armour just told UCLA they want to end their deal. How would the bruins look in Nike digs? Nothing ground breaking here... New Colors inline with the rest of UCLA's teams New Helmet striping Updated gold helmet that takes on the new color and satin finish The current helmets are a disgusting shade Truncated Nike style UCLA Stripe Maybe not a popular opinion, but I think the bold truncated stripes look much better than what they wear today
  2. I will be starting an expansion franchise in NHL21 naming a team in Wisconsin or Milwaukee as the location looking for everyone’s opinion on team name and colors. first thought was Milwaukee Muskies(state fish) with Tulane type colors love to hear all of your thoughts, thanks in advance!
  3. NicDB

    FC Wisconsin

    This is a very rough sketch of a project I hope to complete over the weekend. It started as my proposal for the new USL D3 club slated to start play in Madison, but they obviously wanted a Madison-centric identity. So I tweaked it to make it a bit more focused on Milwaukee, but in such a way that people throughout the state could support the club with pride. The badge draws from both the Milwaukee city and Wisconsin state flags. I plan to experiment with a few different color combos, but will lean heavily towards blue, gold, and possibly powder blue and/or white. The badge features two barley sprigs arranged in a laurel wreath; a nod to the region's most famous adult beverage which is enjoyed by many a soccer fan. The 1848 has a dual meaning. It is the year Wisconsin joined the union and the year Milwaukee saw its first significant wave of immigrants, the Forty-Eighters from Bavaria. The Forty-Eighters were imstrumental in shaping Milwaukee's early sporting culture, of which remants can still be found throughout the city (Most famously, the "discus man" logo outside Turner Hall in Downtown MKE).
  4. HJC just finished their Pairs Comp, And I teamed up with fellow designer Burkus Circus for an idea for a 2019 Centennial Classic doubleheader. The main idea is that the NHL is helping the Packers celebrate their centennial season by playing two outdoor games at Lambeau Field. First, a College matchup between the Golden Gophers and Badgers, then an NHL showdown between the Blackhawks and Wild. I designed the Event Logo, Ice Surface, and Slideshow, while Burkus Circus designed the jerseys and title page. Disclaimer: I have received full permission from Burkus Circus to display our work here. Thanks for watching!
  5. I must have Mustelids on the brain! I just re-tooled my wolverine logo and that inspired me to do a badger logo. I didn't actually have Wisconsin in mind when I started this, but its an easy fit. I also KNOW that they would never dump their classic Bucky. This is just a conceptual idea on which I'd like to get some feedback.
  6. This fall Jordan and Marquette released Marquette's 100th Anniversary uniforms for use in the 2016-17 season. The uniforms take a lot of different elements from Marquette Basketball history and combine them together into one jersey. I like a lot of things about the uniform, but the thing I missed the most was the iconic rainbow striping on the sides of the uniforms. The new Jordan uniforms also are two-colored uniforms, making them look kind of bland at times. However, I think that Jordan cleaned up a lot of aspects of Marquette's look that were a little unorganized and wild on the previous set. There isn't any unnecessary piping or anything that really makes it too over complicated. I wanted to create a concept to combine these two jerseys while keeping the simple, pulled together, historic look. I kept all of the uniforms following pretty much the same template, just switching colors from uniform to uniform. First, for the home and away jerseys. The main change is the reappearance of the rainbow stripe. Both jerseys feature the same throwback numbering and lettering used on the current uniforms. The ventilation holes forming the pattern of the famous bumblebee jerseys stays as well. The home set features navy trim, and the gold, navy, and white rainbow striping with a gray segment on the jerseys. The away uniforms switch out navy striping for championship blue and gray for dark navy. I wanted to keep these two looks crisp and completely traditional. Now, for the alternate jerseys. These uniforms use the same template as the other two uniforms. The only change is on the yellow jersey, where "Marquette" is replaced by "Golden Eagles". Marquette has never done anything like this in their history, but I wanted to try something different with these. The only difference on the championship blue set is a navy outline around the gold lettering and patches. Overall, the jerseys bring back the rainbow striping without being too busy. I think I struck the right balance between the past two uniforms. All C&C is appreciated! Curious to hear how I did.
  7. My beloved Camp Randall's most recent renovation added a beautiful new entrance to the student section, as well as an enormous new scoreboard. But, it also added yet another disconnected style to the stadium that has made many upgrades that never really felt connected to the rest. The Field House at the South end of the stadium is the crown jewel of the stadium, and is what the new North entrance looks to be most connected to. I wanted to fill in the blanks between the two and make the stadium feel like it was all built at the same time. A lot of this can be fixed by facades, while in other cases I took a more drastic route. I also added to the upper deck, increasing the student section capacity and adding North endzone suite.
  8. Link for those interested in entering the contest.
  9. My family has this Badger Christmas tree ornament, which features a logo I've never seen before. Can anyone provide information on it? Is it official?
  10. I always thought Wisconsin's football uniforms were somewhat boring. And I didn't like that they had uniforms so similar to division rival Nebraska. I liked the red helmets they had in 2013 and 2014 (Ex. one, ex. two) to change things up a bit but the uniforms still needed some work. When Under Armour took over and unveiled the their new uniforms last month I was pretty happy with what they did by keeping the traditional look but still making some interesting changes. I liked the "Forever Forward" theme of the new uniforms but I thought the changes were too subtle (Only having one very thin arrow on each stripe). So I kept with the "Forever Forward" theme and made some tweaks here and there. The most noticeable change I made was to the stripe. I made the stripe arrows thicker and added more arrows throughout the uniform (3 on helmet, 2 per sleeve, and 3 on each side of pants). It's hard to see but I put the "Forever Forward" logo on the helmet bumper. I kept the Badger Bold (modified Aachen) font for the numbers. I replaced the "W" logo on the chest with the wordmark and I removed the wordmark from the leg/thigh area. Lastly, I know the 3rd pants design is a bit out there for Wisconsin but I was just trying something different (I'm not necessarily a fan of it). Please give any c&c you have. If I get enough feedback I might start doing some other college teams too. Home uniform... Away uniform... Football field with new endzone wordmarks...
  11. Hello! I've been off these forums for a while, but now that I'm back I might as well contribute! You guys might have seen my old Wisconsin concept, if you have cool, if you haven't don't try to find it, it's awful and needs to be burned. Anyways Wisconsin just recently switched to Under Armour, and as a Badger fan I was really excited for that because Adidas sucked. So I was pumped for the uniform unveilings (football and basketball in particular) and was really impressed with what UA did with everything. Except for the football uniforms! They hardly changed anything, and my biggest pet peeve is that the "wave/motion W" just seems totally out of place. I also really like it as a logo, but it just doesn't fit with Wisconsin's "brand". So, I took it upon myself to create new, more outside of the box logo and uniforms, that could still fit into Wisconsin's brand. First I designed a very simple logo, I just took the W in Wisconsin's font and just added some serifs to both sides to give them the appearance of f's. I did this because it would work with their new "Forever Forward" mantra. (I know it also kind of looks like the Wonder Woman logo but I don't care.) Then I started on the actual uniforms, and that's when it got interesting, because I wanted something totally new for Wisconsin. In these I really took the new W and the Forever Forward slogan to heart. And there you have it! Really weird, almost throwback "new" UA uniforms done on a Nike template! If you read all my rambling thanks, and if you didn't cool. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  12. Ithsmus, the alternative weekly in Madison, is piggybacking on the People's Flag of Milwaukee bandwagon. With tongue slightly in cheek, they're suggesting that Wisconsin also needs to replace its current flag. And they're right. Because this is just sad: "Seal on a Bedsheet" is bad enough, but adding the name pushes it way over the top. Isthmus approached five designers, who came up with these: I actually like the two Badger flags. The second is perhaps more appropriate for the University, but the first could work very well for the state. They're also soliciting designs from readers:
  13. Here in Madison we've got a spectacular stadium, opened in 1926, called Breese Stevens Field. The field is a historic site, is owned by the city, and just recently went under the operations umbrella of the company that runs the Madison Mallards (at another city owned field). The Mallards updated Warner Park into a top of the line minor league stadium, and I've got fingers crossed they'll do the same at Breese. The idea is that the Mallards (who have made the Northwoods League into one of the best collegiate leagues in the nation, and the Mallards at the top of that list) can start a mid to upper level soccer club that can fill a 10,000+ seat stadium. The current stadium seats up to 4,000 and can hold ~7,500 for concerts. The concept would hold ~11,000 and ~13,000 for on field/concert events. This was my first Google Sketchup project, so I hope you enjoy. I did what I could to keep the current structure as untouched as possible, due to it being a registered historic site. New concourse: houses concessions as well as locker rooms. The raised open corners would have shrubbery/small trees because why not? New press box and box seating. View from the upper-deck beer garden. The Mallards have had great success with their "Duck Blind" beer garden in right field. The stadium borders are the same as the current borders, taking up one city block.
  14. A continuation of teams from a minor league or semi-pro league the Great Lakes Hockey Assoc. Following the Marathon Argos and the Chicago Huskies. These are the Ann Arbor Blues. Not like the music blues but the color after the Michigan Wolverines. The the oak tree and the three stripes on the roundel and throughout the design comes from the flag of Ann Arbor. The shield logo is to have a university look to it with the Latin phrase "Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" meaning "Fortune Favors the Brave" I have some ideas for teams but any ideas for teams would be welcomed. Teams do not need to be on the lake just in states and provinces surrounding them. Next possible team is the Mackinac Islanders or another name, maybe a team in Green Bay or somewhere in Wisconsin. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. This will be sent to HJC later on
  15. Chicago Huskies concept is part of the fictional Great Lakes Hockey Association that also has my other concept for the league the Marathon Argos based in Marathon, Ontario. I plan on posting this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I altered the UConn Huskies logo to look more like my huskie Moxie's fur patterns and tones. She has more of a cream tone and not white that is why there is little to no white color in the concept. and the pawprint is based off of her own pawprint . There will be more designs of other teams coming possibly.
  16. I made this after seeing one for the nation, but felt it undersold my great state. I just wanted a poster so bad, and now you can have one too.
  17. It's been a while since I posted any new concepts here, but I recently got the idea to redesign a logo for one of the universities in my home state of Wisconsin. Other than the Badgers, UW Stevens Point, and UW Platteville, there are plenty of schools in the UW system that could use an update. I decided to go with the UW-Oshkosh Titans, because I feel their logo with a titan helmet and lightning would make a great identity if executed better. The details that make up their current logo, which I think they've had since around 2004, have always been confusing to me (Is it just me or does that lightning bolt look more like the mane of an animal?) My goal was to mainly focus on the energy within the lightning and redistribute it through the whole helmet area. I've recreated the logo focusing on the following changes: 1) The lightning bolt now also fills in for the plume above the helmet. 2) Gold, which isn't on most of their teams' jerseys anyway, has been eliminated to simplify the colors, 3) The S in TITANS seems jarring to me since it sharply angles away from the bottom arch, so I changed the lettering. The only thing I'm not sure about in my redesign concept is if the UWO/lightning bolt on the very bottom below fits with the overall identity or not.
  18. My nephew bought a 1979 Pierce/Ford fire truck from a guy near where he lives. It is in great shape and he wants to use it in parades and such around his area. He wants to take the name of the previous owner off and use his. So I voulnteered to make a few designs for him to look at and see what he likes and may want to use. First design I came up with was using MFD (his first name is Matt) with interlocking letters in gold leaf as he requested with a pike pole behind in with a banner draped over the pole and in front of the letters. The intials are people that have passed away. 1st being his dad's lieutenant from the fire department his dad was on who lost his life in a fire and Matt got his middle name from. 2nd is his grandpa and my dad's initals who passed years ago and 3rd a family friend of his and his dad's close friend from the department they were both on who passed recently. That is to honor them and that they have a close place to Matt wherever he goes. 2 slight variances with the first design. I plan on make more versions including one with a maltese cross and one from the department from the town he used to live in and his dad worked for. Any comments or critiques are greatly welcomed
  19. Hey! This is my first ever concept uniform and I did my favorite college team the Wisconsin Badgers. Huge thanks to Logan Weaver for the awesome Nike template. Remember this is my first concept uniform so there will most likely be a lot of messing up and sloppiness. I would like some critiques and criticism from the people that have done this before and know what looks good and what doesn't and such. Thanks.
  20. Decided to take a stab at modernizing Wisco since they are gonna be moving to a new brand, but I like Nike so I took a shot using Nike. It's just the jerseys for now, but I tried to give them an update while still keeping the traditional look, so there are just subtle updates. C&C welcome. Home Road
  21. I've been taking a break from my soccer concepts, and I've been searching for a concept series I could do that I could put together in the limited time that I currently have. As some of you are likely aware, I like to do concept series that aren't overly conventional, so I was looking for something to do that I don't remember ever seeing on these boards. My inspiration hit a few weeks back while watching a women's volleyball game. I figured that it would be perfect because (1) I love the sport and (2) it's a rather untapped topic. Obviously, because this isn't common, there really aren't many (or any) templates, so I created one myself (as shown with a nike cut) This series will look to cover most of the Top 25 teams in the nation, and will complete every team in the B1G and Pac 12 conferences (since they are the two overwhelmingly dominant conferences). First up, the defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions.
  22. After seeing JJSCOTT's Michigan concept hit the top of the concept boards once again I was inspired to try something for my Badgers. I wanted to take the current Bucky logo and make it a bit less mascot-y and a bit more logo-y. I loved JJ's mark and some of what he did shows through in this concept, and hopefully with some C&C this can progress as well as his did throughout his post.
  23. Here is a Wisconsin Badgers football helmet I designed. What should I do to make it better?
  24. So way back when I started compiling vintage college mascot logos I said I had a personal project for which I was using them. Today I unveil part of that project. Vinylmation If you've ever been to a Disney park then it is likely you've seen some vinylmations. They are a 3 or 9 inch vinyl figures, shaped like Mickey Mouse, that have a huge array of themes. From classic Disney characters to Star Wars to Indiana Jones and many others in between. There are even sports teams; NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA. However the NCAA versions are terribly generic and lack the personality for which many vinlylmations are popular. They also created a "Mascots" series of the main 4 Disney characters in vintage college gear. This is where I was inspired for these concepts. Vinlymations also have a large "custom" following. Artists take either blank or unpopular vinyls and re-work them into amazing pieces of art. I chose to get into this by painting NCAA Mascots onto the vinylmation canvas and I just finished my first series and put them up for sale. Below are images of them but first I'll post some pics of other vinyls as well as the "official NCAA series."
  25. Made in Paint? Thoughts, Suggestions. Follow the Link