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  1. My not sure that the concept section is the best place to start this thread but I figured it would be more useful here then anywhere else on this forum. If it should be somewhere else, like in the sports logos section, Mods please move it to the appropriate place then. On to the thread... This is a database of fonts used by sports teams and leagues. This is NOT a "name this font" thread like this one. If you need to know the name of a font post it there. How the thread is organized... 1. There will be post that are sport/league specific (ex. one post might just have Pro Football, one might have Colleges, etc). 2. The team's font will be listed like this: 'Team Name''Year Introduced' '(Name of Font At It Would Appear In A Program)' - 'Link to Download Font' Example: California Golden Bears 2013 (Golden Bear) - 3. $$$ before the link means I was unable to find a free version on that font to download so you have to pay for it. 4. The fonts could be from a logo, uniform number, wordmark, etc. 5. If there is no year, then I didn't know the year it was introduced 6. If there is no parentheses with the font name, then it is the exact same name as the team name part. If you know a team font that isn't included or an error is posted, please post with appropriate information. Obviously there are a lot of links to Conrad's sports fonts site so thanks again to him for making all the fonts that he does. Do not use fonts that were created for personal use only for other reasons. Finally, fonts like Serpentine, City Bold, Aachen, and Copperplate are way over used in sports. NFL-CFL NBA MLB-MiLB NHL-AHL-ECHL Soccer NCAA-Colleges Nike Adidas Under Armour-Russell Athletic-Warrior Sports Rawlings-Richardson Caps-Other *****EDIT (7/30/16): Sorry but Conrad's fonts are no longer available for use.*****
  2. I made a concept of Los Angeles Clippers old logo. I wish they would bring it back. But have some cleaner jerseys. and another tone of the colors. I wanted the colors to remind more of sailers ship crew and the ocean.
  3. Hey everyone, I worked on fixing up the Canes into something they I wish they would wear. The design incorporates elements from their new and old jerseys... I also attempted to make a new wordmark for the team but I'm not sure if I like the way it came out. I'm relatively new to designing concepts and using illustrator so C&C is welcomed! CarolinaHurricanesTaylorG1.pdf
  4. Does each state have one? They're the wordmarks that are on the commercials and brochures for states. Which is best? Worst? Most intriguing? Here are a few to start us off:
  5. Thought I would toss up my Logolympiad submissions thus far and receive some feedback on them. I haven't been able to enter as many events this year as I would like, but hopefully I can submit an entry or two for these final few events (with more success than my first two). EVENT 1: Alternate Logo For the first event, designers were tasked with designing an alternate logo which could replace the primary in some applications. I opted to design a logo for the Celtics because I felt they had a lot of original Celtic imagery that could be drawn from. My design is based upon the claddagh, a prominent symbol of Irish heritage and culture, with a basketball replacing the heart. The crown I chose was admittedly kind of plain, but it is not without its history for this franchise. I based the crown off of the one appearing in the logo Boston used during the 50s and 60s. For my effort in this logo, I received two bronze medal votes. EVENT 3: Wordmark The next event I entered, the task was to create a wordmark for a potential Los Angeles NFL team, utilizing one of three color palettes. The name I selected is a callback to a team from the All-America Football Conference that called Los Angeles home during the late 1940s. The imagery comes from the nearby La Brea Tar Pits, which are the final resting place for many prehistoric species including the mastodon (Dons being short for Mastodons). This wordmark was in all likelihood far too ambitious both for this event and for my designing abilities. Despite this, I still received a nice little triple crown of one gold, one silver, and one bronze vote for my submission. Nevertheless, I'd love to see how I can improve this with some feedback and continued work.
  6. I'm sure some of you have seen this image before, but if you haven't, there are some wordmarks on here that can't be found anywhere else, including The Dolphins, Chiefs, Giants and Falcons wordmarks being the rarest to find anywhere on the internet. The Dolphins and Giants not being easy to find surprise me because these were the wordmarks each team used for their respective Super Bowl appearances for VI, VII, XXI, and XXV. In working on many projects involving using older wordmarks and logos, I have been able to recreate the Giants and Falcons wordmarks in a higher resolution, and most recently, the Dolphins. I'm posting this so there will be a high res version of the Dolphins wordmark somewhere, for anyone interested in using it. Here are all possible color combinations (the very first is what they used for Super Bowl's VI and VII): **EDIT** I updated the dimensions
  7. I made some word marks for the Canadian NHL teams (and the Nordiques) C+C Appreciated.
  8. Hey! I created a sports team logo concept. The team is called the Cape Cod Curve, for Cape Cod, MA. The Curve is for the geographical form of Cape Cod,and the waves at the beach with a "curve" shape. I have four logos, the primary, secondary, wordmark, and alternate. They can work for all types of sports teams. I havent decided on if i should have a lighter or darker blue color. (by the way, blue is for the ocean,and orange for the sun) Here's the Primary: The orange background is the sun, and the wave is the resemblance of the "curve." Inspired by the Atlanta Hawks new old logo. My favorite logo of them all. The secondary: This one is simple; a wave with an orange outline that looks like a C, for Cape Cod Curve. I think this would look good as a ballcap logo, like the Cleveland Indians "C." Inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers logos. The wordmark: This one has three colors, sun orange, sky blue, and ocean blue. Last but not least, the alternate: This one I plan to not use as much, because i dont like the font after the C. Well, those are my logos! Please reply and comment! I need the help!
  9. Okay. I made logos for my fantasy team the Cape Cod Curve. I named it the curve because Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, curves geographically. It is my first time making logos, so I'm not a pro or anything, so help me out. Here's my wordmark, the orange is for the sun, the light blue is for the sky, and the dark blue is for the sea. Now, inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers, is my primary, the gradient is supposed to look like water: And last, is my secondary, but I am unsure about my font after the C. Thanks! I need the help!