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  1. I've been toying with starting a concept league for a while, and never had the means or skills to do it. I decided to start it today with some limited experience toying in inkscape. Anyway, the concept of the league is that it is a league run by FIFA, with a seperate league in each of the 6 confederations. The winner of each league (determined by the team with the most points at the end of the season) moves on to the Finals. There the teams split into two groups of three and the top two in each pool after the round robin goes into the playoffs (1v4, 2v3.) The league has always been a popular league since it's inception in 1970, attracting many of the big name players in the world. I've shown the captains of each team on the back of each jersey. Here's a brief history on when each confederation joined. UEFA - 1970 CONCACAF & CONMEBOL - 1979 Australia - 1981 AFC - 1993 OFC (formerly Australia) - 1996 CAF - 1998 And a few notes about FIFA zoning Australia is included in the OFC confederation due to it being a seperate entity in it's founding, and also to increase the competition level and to give geographical sense to it.* *Israel remains, however in the UEFA confederation due to safety concerns to the players and fans on either side of the teams. For a city to be granted an IFL team, they must be an active member of FIFA. They can retain their team if they drop out of the organization but cannot host special events (draft, finals, all-star games etc.) To start, I'll be starting with the CONCACAF confederation. First concept to be up in a couple of minutes.