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  1. The title says it all. The reason I brought this up is because me & a buddy were discussing ugly uniforms. It made me notice that the State of Colorado has ugly jerseys galore. MLB- The Rockies are a team that all love to hate on here. The too-much black, the vest jersey, everything about the set looks bland and bad. NHL- The Avs wear RBK Edge Piped awfulness and I hate the new C shoulder patch logo. And I don't care, that alternate jersey is bland and needs tweaking. Plus, Navy and Maroon don't work often. NBA- The Nuggets jerseys looked better before the unnecessary wordmark & number colour change they made last year, which I still never got. Why use black numbers? The yellow alternate jersey looked better before they changed the wordmark too to that Rainbow- era wordmark last year too and that jersey was fine and should be the basis for a new set. That sleeved alternate (The White-Gold jersey) is meh. The jersey itself is awful, but the shorts look okay. NFL- I don't care how iconic you think they are, the Broncos look dated. Now that Manning is gone, this should be the time to change and re-modernize one of your much better looking sets. MLS- The Rapids are nothing special & that yellow jersey they wear is ugly. So, just my thoughts. Who do you guys nominate or do you agree with my choice of Colorado?
  2. So I just entered the Staten Island team name contest with a great moniker; Staten Island Yolo swiggerzz. What other monikers in sports are aful but might get a consideration one day?
  3. The Muskegon Lumberjacks unveiled their Beach Night jerseys, and they're hysterical. Truly hysterical. I don't know if they're truly awful, like those Quad City Mallards cowboy jerseys, or brilliantly funny like the DEL's recent lederhosen jerseys. What say you all? Personally, I think it's the most embarrassing jersey a hockey player could wear, it depends on how good your sense of humor could be.
  4. What are some of your favorite sports cards designs? Here are some of mine: NBA: 1. 1994-95 Fleer The base cards had the player's name in one team color against a splash of the team's other color. Very shiny. Players from the Hornets and Suns looked especially cool; here's one of Charlotte's Darrin Hancock: The inserts were also very well-designed. I'll post more images later. 2. 1991-92 Skybox Definitely the most abstract card designs I can think of. Want MJ? Here he is: How about Moses Malone? I'm in a hurry, but I'll get to more later.
  5. Who do you think has/had the worst hair in sports? My nomination is this: New Cleveland Cavalier Andrew Bynum and his troll hair. And pretty much any hairdo from his tenure with the Sixers. Who do you think had the worst? Sound off below!