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  1. As we all know, the NFL royally screwed up one of the most anticipated annual logo unveilings in all of pro sports about 6 years ago when they decided to abandon the tradition of creating a unique Super Bowl logo for each "Big Game" and move to a bland, uninspired, standardized logo. After Super Bowl XLV (the first in which the new logo was used) the NFL did come up with "alternate" logos that were used on the official Super Bowl websites and, I'm assuming, various other places. I found out not too long ago when I was browsing the SB50 website ( that if you simply change the number you can go as far back as Super Bowl 42. On the banner of each page rests the Super Bowl logo, obviously. But what I found odd was that after SB45, the banner showed the "alternate" SB logo instead of the standardized one. Maybe the NFL is realizing its mistake? Anyway, I took the liberty of copying and cropping each of the Super Bowl logos from 45-49 for anyone who hasn't seen them or if anyone wants to clean them up a bit better and submit them to the motherboard. A few of them are actually really decent and would have worked perfectly as actual Super Bowl logos. Here they are: Super Bowl XLVI: Super Bowl XLVII: Super Bowl XLVIII: Super Bowl XLIX:
  2. I created a forum signature for the Patriots, anyone can use it if they would like to.
  3. I'm not sure how good this is, it's my first logo so hit me up on this. I incorporated a lot of Arizona into it. Something about it doesn't feel right.