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  1. raysox

    Yakball Concepts

    Alright, you guys. So you probably haven't heard, unless you stalk my posts that I made up a sport that has a cult following with friends in the area. The sport is called yakball, check it out. Here's our website with all the good stuff Basically, it's a 4 on 4 game. You have to pass the ball twice, before you can throw the ball into the box on the wall. Each team has 1 Center, who acts like a goalie on defense. Since it is set up like a half court basketball game, when their team is on offence, they can get the ball and score. It could be easier reading the rules, and watching the video, but that's the basic stuff. I wanted to make some logos, and figured this would be a good way to make some logos. Basically, my idea was have a FIFA type association. One name, then have leagues in different countries. Not sure how deep this will go, but I feel like it will be better than my UHL concepts, which I became bored with fast. I have the USA started, and cities picked out in a few more countries. With the names, I wanted a mix between nicknames, and Euro-soccer type names. You'll see what I have below. The following are the leagues/teamnames/links to concepts. The cities ARE SET. DEAL WITH IT. But the blank team names can be suggested, so feel free. No stupid ones tho. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd Here is the link to the official yakball font World Yakball CupHere is the Google Map of teams and future locations United States Atlanta Rovers Boston YC Carolina Flyers Chicago Brigade Dallas Outlaws Denver Altitude Empire NYC Houston Supernovas IX Counties-Bay Area Minnesota Loggers Philadelphia Battalion Phoenix City YC Seattle Orcas Sporting Los AngelesTampa Bay Tridents Washington Federals Canada Calgary United Centre Toronto Edmonton Barons YC Exhibition Toronto Halifax Clippers YC HamiltonLondon Royals Maroons de Montreal Ottawa 1867 Patrie Montreal Rapid Saskatchewan St. John's Labradors Vancouver Reign Victoria Thunderbirds Voyageurs du Quebec Winnipeg Aggies British Isles Aberdeen Energy Belfast United Birmingham Workshop YC CardiffYC Dublin Edinburgh Fortress YC Glasgow Nationals Harps YC Leeds Owls YC Liverpool Mariners London City YC Magpies upon Tyne Manchester FourNottingham Sheriffs Sheffield Union Wembley Wanderers Mediterranean Athens Club Alpino TorinoAvant Lyonnais Barcelona Bologna Bordeaux Legione Roma Lisbon Madrid Madrid Milan Paris Paris Porto Thessaloniki Valencia
  2. You guys, it's back. A few weeks ago, I started reading back the historical fictional football league threads on the boards. It was so cool because they decided the teams, brands, and performances. I wanted to do a similar series based around Out of the Park Baseball, but I wasn't in love with the idea. Then I remembered something I had complete creative control in. The year is 2028. This year is significant because it has a few milestones. It will be the 10th year of Major League Yakball, the original league based in the United States. Founder and GOAT Michael Taylor(that's me, let me have that one) has announced that he will retire by the end of the year to become the Yakball Association president. The sport is booming. Sixteen recognized top level leagues exist. Major sporting clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have bought local clubs and put them under the umbrella organization. The 3rd World Yakball Cup begins play in the UK in mid December, the last of the original nations to host. This is the last time it will be on the original 4 year sequence, as the sport will begin being played at the Olympics in 2032. Yakball is played in the summer, between April and October. The leagues are always 16 teams, they play between 40 and 50 games a regular season, depending on the structure of the table. Each season ends the same week with a tournament at a neutral location, much like conference tournaments in college basketball. The winners in each league advance to the Super League, a week long tournament between the 16 champions. For those of you still confused by what's going on, search yakball. Just about any search engine will bring up the old concept series I did based on a sport I made up. Or you can click this link. A quick run down - I invented this sport in high school. It's a 4 on 4 game similar to half court basketball. The goal is to throw the ball in the target located in the center of a wall. The wall is playable, and can be used in passing, or provide a backboard for missed shots. The field is broken up into three zones. There is a face off dot, used at the beginning of every quarter, outside the 2 point line. Then closest to the wall, there is a box. The box is where the center plays/lives. They aren't allowed to leave unless a teammate raises their arm when the center has possession, running the ball out to behind the line. The center acts as a goalie on defense, and the best attacking option on offense. Each point results in the other team taking it out behind the 2 point line. Here's the nitty gritty. The clock is running, four 20 minute quarters. There's on the fly substitutions too, with the substitute zone being made bigger. Each team has to pass the ball twice before a shot is allowed. Shots before then will be waved off and possession will be given to the opponents. Only 2 players on the attacking team can be in the box at the same time. If a third is there, the shot will be waived off. No one on offense is allowed in the crease in front of the box, or possession will be lost. The game is physical, but no tackling. If a player gets tackled, tripped, or hit by a player who ran up to them, the offender will have a penalty and have to sit in the sub-zone for 2 minutes. I think that's it, I haven't played in 3 years. Here, have a diagram. The sport has been ever changing. Simple rules have been adapted to make the game better. As mentioned, the sub zone has been made bigger. The wall has been updated to a more stable netting. Much like an arena football goal post net. The target now has censored pads that will easily tell if a ball went in. The uniforms have also changed. The referees decided that sleeve numbers would help differentiate players. The Yakball Association crest now is moved between the team crest and manufacture logo. Check it out. Here is a svg link to the new template (based on my soccer template), font, and the yakball field. I was going crazy not having a series up, and I miss the sport. Here's how the concept series will work. I'll post a voting link. You all will vote for a final of the year end tournament. So each league will have 2 teams done, determined by the most votes. I'll do a little write up of the league since I last left off. I'll post the competition logo, the teams, and who advanced. After the Super League is decided, I'll post full concepts of all 16 teams and how the Super League went. Eventually, I'll post the international teams that have a shot to qualify for the World Yakball Cup. We'll end it then, with the 16 team international tournament. How does that sound? Thank you for reading, and vote for your favorite Major League Yakball teams. Go read that thread for full sets. Vote for the Major League Yakball champions Here is a map of all the teams Here is a list of all the teams I need suggestions for names before I post the polls for the teams. I relied a lot on the followers for team names last time, and want you guys involved in as much as possible. So if you have any suggestions for teams in the 13 new leagues that just have a pin on the map(those that do are off the table), please send them in below Yakball Suggestion Box Major League Yakball Tim Horton's Yakball Canada
  3. I just want to share this and get feedback, if that is okay. Fell free to comment.
  4. Hi guys. This is my first thread on these boards so I hope it goes well. I will be posting a few of my yakall concepts that I have made in the past. If an idea that you guys have strikes me as "good" I might use it. Just a note: if you haven't seen the original yakball thread, I suggest you check it out, it will help explain a lot to you. I think that I will start with the first yakball concept that I ever did, Team Finland! So do you like it? The design on the arms is a inverted Finnish flag with some navy detailing. The colors are from the national ice hockey team. So thats really it. Like Raysox said on the original Yakball thread "these could be soccer concepts really" so if you comment thanks a lot! I will try to post another concept tomorrow.
  5. I saw Griffin's concept and was inspired to do this. I think it turned out okay. C&C would be appreciated though.
  6. This was my entry for the Historic Nations Yakball tourney, and I got knocked out in the first round. The design that beat was very good, and I believe it has gone far in the tournament. What could I have done to make this concept better?
  7. Hey guys, This is actually an idea I've had for a couple weeks now. I wanted to rebrand my school, (if I ever finish getting all the pictures of uniforms I need to present it.).... Anyways, while I was doing the Ivy League's Yakball teams, I decided to have a little fun and give my high school a team. I go to St. Rita of Cascia High School in Chicago. It's an all guys Catholic school on the south side. We're not the biggest school (around 800), but we're high for an all guys Catholic school. One of the things we embrace the most at Rita is our athletic success. We've won 2 state hockey championship in 3 years, a 5 peat (going on 6) for the Kennedy Cup (Chicago Catholic League vs East Suburban Catholic League), our football team is always a threat in the Catholic League Blue (Named one of the hardest conferences in the nation), our baseball team makes state playoffs and gets deep in them on a regular basis, and out basketball team has won 2 straight Catholic League titles, and is predicted to win state in the next 2 years. With all that success in the 4 major sports, its safe to say the lesser known sports (soccer, tennis, track, lacrosse, rugby, swimming, water polo, and volleyball) often go un-noticed. However, I've shown my friends raysox's yakball thread and they agreed the game looks awesome. So here we go: THE SAINT RITA OF CASCIA MUSTANGS YAKBALL TEAM THE LOGOS For the logos, I tried to keep it as traditional as possible, while making a few tweaks. At Rita we have almost 10 different logos on our spirit wear. These logos are from the Broncos, Western Michigan, and even Cal Poly. That makes me very angry, we have two great logos that are purely our own. That's why I used these two. The most used logos, SMU's, the most over used Mustang logo ever. THE JERSEYS The jerseys I tried to keep as realistic as possible. If you never went to Catholic school, you don't know how stingy they are with money. Our football team which is constantly ranked in the top 5 in state is sponsored by NEW BALANCE. Only our track team is sponsored by Nike, but why not yakball? Since its high school I wanted the look to be simple. Our football team in their New Balance jerseys going up against our arch rival Mt. Carmel. A rivalry since 1908. THE FIELD For yakball there is a square painted on a wall for the goals. At Rita, we have a huge wall and a vacant park lot in front of it. The design is the same on both sides, it shows our football team's accomplishments, (The back faces our stadium, and can be seen from the stands.) No one really uses the parking lot, except tennis and on occasions the athletic buses will be parked there. A view of the back of the sign, there's more space on it out front.
  8. I just found the wonder that is Yakball Uniform design so I'll be working my way around the NCAA! Here are my First three: U of A, ASU, and NAU Let me Know what you think and any schools you'd like to see done!
  9. The sense I've gotten over this website is that you guys have all been doing this for a few years and are pros and spend a lot of time (and money) on this site. I don't I just saw this site and thought it would be fun to do. It's not. But I'll keep trying. So this is my 'yakball' concepts for teams around the United States. -Grant
  10. So the year is 2020, and the sport is growing rapidly. Enough interest from many countries has allowed there to be a competitive world tournament with the best national teams in the world. The qualifying will be similar to that of the world cup, being broken down by continent and competition skill. The following is the breakdown for the 16 team tournament by continent. 6 European teams 3 North American teams 3 Asian teams 2 South American teams 1 African team 1 Oceania team Here is the top 40 in the Yakball world rankings The first tournament is fittingly in the US, the country of origin. The United States automatically qualifies for the tournament, with the rest coming down to qualification. The host cities are I will be dropping in with match results for continental tournaments to qualify for the championship. Maybe when all 16 are done, we'll have voting or something for the championship. European Yakball Conference Germany England Russia Sweden Italy Netherlands North American Yakball Conference United States Jamaica Canada Asian Yakball Association China Qatar Japan Copa Sudamericana Yakball Argentina Brazil African Yakball League South Africa Oceania Yakball Conference Australia
  11. So I've also finally decided to jump on the Yakball train. I was in Danger's NCAA tourney a few weeks ago and made the final four with my Alabama Crimson Tide concept which I will post first. Since then I've made one other Yakball concept since I really enjoyed working on something other than a hockey jersey. So I will occasionally come back to this post with new college Yakball concepts. I'm not going to form a whole league out of it though and make conferences and junk. I just want to post straight up jersey concepts. Alabama Crimson Tide - Full Set Here's the Alabama Full Set. I'll post the Georgetown Hoyas either tonight or tomorrow
  12. raysox

    NCAA Yakball

    Original Yakball Thread Alright guys, so if you saw my last post in the big yakball thread, I tossed around the idea of having a college concept tournament. Basically, I want to see college concepts, but I don't want to do them! I figure it'd be a cool way to see what others think of my little game here, and we might see some cool concepts. So here's how it'll all go down. The first 16 people that sign up(I don't think we'll get 64) chose a college a D1 or D2 school. Then, I will randomize the bracket, and we'll have a vote off on the thread. Seems easy enough. All teams must have 2 different colored jerseys, no sponsor, a field design, and a brand tied to the school. That's about it I think! I'm not going to enter into the competition(unless we need it), so it's time to see what you all got! Here is my template in svg, paint, and psd. You could make your own if you wanted, but I figured everyone will just use the same. You also don't need the YA logo or the same font I use. The field isn't included in here, but it's a trapezoid with lines, so it shouldn't be too hard. Tell me if it is, and I'll hook you guys up. As of right now, all submissions will be due on Super Bowl Sunday(February 2nd), so I send them to me by 11:59 EST to be counted. My email is DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd 32 of 32 lancealot - Oregon McCarthy - Ohio Marble21 - Brigham Young Ben5 - Towson Lafarge - Penn State DelayedPenalty - Michigan mcrosby - Wisconsin ChrisClement - USC HarperK - Syracuse Nas1787 - Simon Fraser crkraider22 - Robert Morris MBurmy - Wisconsin-Parkside JimmyNutini - Boston College DrDougFresh - Northern Arizona Missouri Tigers - Missouri Bucknut40 - Wright State TFoA - Mississippi State mbannon92 - Notre Dame steff002 - Minnesota lightning25 - Quinnipiac maz - Pittsburgh Midway - Texas Tech msufan8 - Central Michigan dbroalexander - Alabama CDixonDesign - North Carolina kevinjohnpost - Connecticut CJworks - Gonzaga bigmike - Duke TimEO'Brien - Northwestern Fifty8_Black O - East Carolina New.Era. - TCU Geoff - Louisville
  13. lancealot

    NCAA Yakball

    ok so basically i am going to try to go through all the div one colleges in alphabetical order and make yakball uniforms for them. This will be an ongoing project over a while. First up is AIR FORCE FALCONS based on their football unis pretty self explanatory let me know what ou think
  14. Well here it is! The NIT for all of those who missed sign ups for the one raysox hosted. So here's how it'll all go down. The first 16 people that sign up(I don't think we'll get 64) choose a college a D1 or D2 school. Then, I will randomize the bracket, and we'll have a vote off on the thread. Seems easy enough. However, If we can get an interest from 32 people, that would be great! All teams must have 2 different colored jerseys, no sponsor, a field design, and a brand tied to the school. Here is the template in svg, paint, and psd. You could make your own if you wanted, but I figured everyone will just use the same. You also don't need the YA logo or the same font that is used by raysox. The field isn't included in here, but you can find it in one of raysox's Yakball threads. As of right now, all submissions will be due on Monday, March 25, so send them to me by 11:59 EST to be counted. My email is or PM me if you want. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd Griffinmarlins - Miami DolphinManatee - FIU Lognoco - Colorado BlackBolt3 - Wake Forest Raysfan24 - Ohio State
  15. This is my first time ever doing a concept series but I was thinking it would be cool if cities in the DC universe had their own Yakball league so I decided I would thrust myself into the flames of concept making. I am going to be making the logos with Inkscape while doing the rest with paint (I had problems with the SVG version of the uniform template and the field is easier for me to do in this program). Now with that out of the way let me show you the first team I did. The Gotham Knights were a team founded in 1939 by the Wayne family. The team is one of the oldest and most successful teams in Yakball. Easily recognizable for their Arsenal inspired tops, their interlocking "GK" shield logo, and the Wayne Enterprises specially designed black astro-turf they are one of the more popular teams in the league throughout out the country.
  16. So, I've wanted to do this for awhile, and actually started these concepts before Raysox started his International series. However, through laziness and computer troubles (Back up your files, kids), I never got around to posting any concepts. I've got several done so far, and have numerous others nearly complete, and I plan to present some nations that weren't presented in Raysox's series. First up: FRANCE For the crest, I looked for inspiration from the crests of French (Union) Rugby and French Soccer. My crest is meant to be a happy medium between the super-traditional rugby crest and the modern soccer logo. My crest features a rooster on a red gradient background. The initials are FFY, which stands for Fédération Française de Yakball. I also just noticed weird spurs coming out of the gold outline on the second crest, not sure why that is there... Didn't show up in Inkscape. The uniforms are heavily influenced by France's soccer kits. Both the home and the feature sublimated striping. For the numbers and words on the home, I went with the yellow/gold color seen on the crest, which I found to be visually pleasing, and the only red found on either uniform is on the crest. Hit me with some C+C!
  17. Since everyone here is well underway in yakball, I'm into that too. My original plan was the Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian Since I am)), and even talked to raysox few months ago, but we already have the OlavoP this task. I'd be lying if I said I liked someone else doing what I planned, and had already begun to create logos and such. But not to lose the job, shifted a little thing here and there and I present the Elite 7 Yakball. 7 cities. 3 in Europe and America and 1 in Asia. The logos are very simple, because the classes are starting in Brazil in a few weeks now and I will not have much time while working at Super Ivy League (See the topic of requests for more information) The cities are: London (London Yakball Club - The Roses) Amsterdam (Names and Nicknames TBD, based in XXX Flag, feel free to suggest) Paris (Yak-Ball Club de Paris - Rouges et Bleus) Yokohama (Yokohama Yakball Team, Nickname TBD, based in City seal, feel free to suggest) Montréal (Olympique Montreal - L'OM, Les Olympiques Recife [brazil only team that I was close to being ready] (Nassau Club - Lions, Lions Nassau) 1 Team of the United States (no city defined, Logos or names, feel free to suggest here too.)
  18. We'll have our own thread so we won't have to dig through 6 pages of posts. Here is how voting will work. I will post links to each concept in a match up, and everyone is allowed to vote for their favorite concept of the two. You can vote for yours, because it's a bracket style competition, and not for points so each vote will offset with an opponent's. The rounds will stay open for 2 days, so at this time Wednesday the Sweet 16 will start. Round of 32 Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final Four Championship
  19. Thought I'd give the Horizon League some representation in the Yakball scene! 1. Milwaukee Panthers I ALMOST made this my entry into the Yakball tournament, but remembering Parkside's Division II, I went with them instead. Nonetheless, here it is! You may notice that I used illwauk's LOVELY "M" logo originally from here (with his permission of course) prominently-I just think it works on so many levels and they should REALLY get ahold of him to make it their mark. For the regular uniform, I was inspired by my favorite OHL team of yesteryear, the St. Michael's Majors. If they can carry a classic look with just the "M" on the chest, why can't the Panthers? For the clash, I simply reversed the logo placements as well as the colors. All C/C is appreciated. Next up will be the Green Bay Phoenix!
  20. Today's trend in concepts seems to be Yakball, so I thought I would try my hand at it. I will try to do the entire Big East as it is now in basketball, but due to my school schedule, I can't promise how regularly I will post my concepts. I have four completed teams, but I want to use one of them if raysox has an NIT Yakball Tournament. First up will be Notre Dame. 1. Notre Dame For Notre Dame, I tried to keep the design as simplistic as possible. I focused heavily on blue and gold for the primary and clash, and mostly green and white for the alternate.
  21. Well, it seems I've been eliminated by Alabama due to 25 tasteless pieces of sh-- Only joking! Congrats and good luck to dbroalexander and his phenomenal design in the Elite Eight. It was a great choice to advance, and teaches me the lesson to never again make jokes about Nick Saban, because it will always come back to bite me in the ass somehow. Unfortunately though, those correct choices mean I'm out, so I wanted to post my design for some C+C by you voters. Logos: Nothing particularly special here, just the normal Oval Lion Head, and S logos that are common at Penn State. The word mark was the biggest deviation, as it strays from our current wordmark. I'm in no way a fan of the mark, and I didn't use it anywhere, so I stuck with the Athletic Block used on the uniforms. Field: The field was tougher than I expected, particularly which arena to have the team play in. Our basketball teams play in the Bryce Jordan Center, but I'm rather fond of Rec Hall, where I spend much of my time and where Volleyball plays games. In the end, I went with the BJC for logo purposes. Center court features the Lion Head, and mid court features the B1G logo and the BJC logo. The crease is blue with the secondary mark. Uniforms: First note, I loved when Nike used quotes on their uniforms, so for this I used the first three words of our Alma Mater, For The Glory. Clash The clash was actually the first uniform I created. It originally was strictly based on the football and hockey uniforms, featuring white striped sleeves. I added the wordmark and numbers to the front featuring silver outlines, which are common amongst most PSU and gives a nice collegiate feel. Then I started noticing lots of PSU T-shirts with the white stripe across the front, and I thought I'd try it out. I thought the look screamed Penn State, so I kept it. The shorts and socks are Navy, and feature white stripes. The Lion Head logo can be found on the shorts and above the nameplate. The uniform features Junior center Salvatore De Costa. Home Originally I had a matching uniform to the blue one, and didn't like it. Instead, I decided to look for inspiration from other sports, and I decided to loosely base the home design on a sport that I absolutely love, Women's Volleyball (Hell yes I am serious). I used shoulder stripes similar to their uniforms, and instead of the modern stripes, that curl under the sides (I tried it, couldn't make it work), so I went with a more traditional under arm stripe. Shorts and socks are white and feature Navy stripes, and the logos, like on the clash feature the primary logo. The uniform features First-Team All-American Sophomore Matt Robida, wearing #8. Incidentally, I felt that this had more of a primary uniform feel, so it got promoted to primary status. That's about it, send me some feedback!