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Which Blackhawks team is the better, 2010 or 2013?


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I know everybody is going to say 2013 because of the 21-0-3 start, and winning presidents' trophy. But for me, it's 2010. You may be asking why.

1. The talent (Kane, Keith, Towes, Sharp, Hossa, Versteeg, Brouwer, Campbell, Ladd, Byfuglien, Seabrook, Maddan, Kopecky, Bolland, Huet, and Niemi) they would find different heroes each game.

2. The playoffs. The Blackhawks lost only 6 games throughout the playoffs, they swept a team that the Hawks did not have home ice, they won 7 straight playoff road games before the Stanley Cup Finals. Sure, home-ice is important (They lost twice at home in 2013) but, it's too good to ignore the road record put together in 2010. One more shutout in 2010, then in 2013. Although the goal margin was the same in both runs (+16) but, 2010 gets the edge. A better example is the winning margin. In 2010, the Blackhawks wins over the Canucks were by 12 goals. That's one more goal then the Blackhawks wins over the Minnesota Wild in 2013 and that was a division winner that they faced. The Blackhawks scored 5 goals 7 times. In 2013, they scored 5 goals only 3 times. The Blackhawks won every game when they give up no more then 3 goals. They scored at least one goal in every game. Also, the Hawks won less games in overtime. In 2013, They had to beat every team that they faced at least once in overtime. In 2010, they didn't have to do that in every series. In fact, the Hawks won every game by two or more goals in the Vancouver series.

3. The results. In 2013, they were swept by the 2nd seed Ducks in the season. (Had they faced them in the playoffs, they would have been done in a sweep) In 2010, they won every oppenent in the conference at least once (Although they were almost swept by the Coyotes in the season) They also give Sharks problems as they won the season series 3-1 and outscoring them 17-11 yet they trailed them by one point in the conference standings.

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But why make a thread to discuss something and then state at the bottom of it that you aren't open for discussion on the matter?

I deleted that part. I just not up for debating.
That was my favorite part. I was hoping it would stand alone for eternity, but alas, someone bit after a few days.

So... 2010. Full season.

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