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Cincinnati Cyclones new logo/uni


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Apologies in advance if this has been posted...I haven't seen it here yet. Last night the Cincinnati Cyclones unveiled their new logo and white jersey. I was a fan of the set prior to this. I liked the tornado logo as well as the colors. These are pretty horrible, in my opinion...big downgrade. What are your thoughts?

Edit: Just saw CC's tweet from last night with the announcement. Delete this if necessary.


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I'm not a fan of the new logo, but it's an improvement. The hurricane is not centered. Plus, if you look at the base of the black 'spikes' from the hurricane, (the outer black outline), it's curved instead of pointed. It bugs me every time I see it

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It always bothered me how the old white jersey was predominantly black and yellow with small traces of red that weren't noticeable from the stands. I know the Stingers of the WHA wore yellow and black, but I don't like anything in the city wearing Pittsburgh's colors so I'm glad they've changed.

The jerseys are....odd. I don't know what the stripe is supposed to be or why one of the little dashes is a different color, but I think they're sort of cool in a weird way. It's a nice change of pace from what they've been wearing the last decade.

I'm a fan of the logo, though it feels more like a shoulder patch than a primary crest logo. I thought "Twister" had gotten stale and the Cyclones wordmark was one of the most amatuerly rendered logos in all of minor or major professional sports so I'm glad they moved on from him.

Overall, I like it.

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