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2014 NCAA Nike Pro Combats 4/11: Air Force (c&c needed)


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No official Pro combats this year so I'll take the challenge.


Here are the teams I plan to do and the dates and opponents on the days they wear them:

Florida State 11/29 Florida

Washington 11/8 UCLA

Texas 11/27 TCU

Stanford 9/13 Army

USC 10/4 Arizona State

Clemson 10/11 Louisville

*Tennessee 10/25 Alabama

Air Force 9/27 Boise State

Duke 10/18 Virginia

Baylor 11/22 Texas Tech

Vanderbilt 9/20 South Carolina

All Games are at home

Tennessee will switch to Nike next year so I'll do this as an idea of what may happen.

First up is FSU. This is inspired by their current uniforms as well as their days led by Bobby Bowden. Stanford is next.




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The uniform isn't bad, but at the same time is it different enough to be an alternate pro combat?

The spear is extremely small and I think adding a stripe with the spear doesn't look too well. At the end of the day my biggest question is...is it Pro Combat enough? I hope that makes sense.

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The sleeve pattern that you also added to the numbers looks weird with the pattern only on the top half of the number. Put the pattern on the bottom half of the numbers too or just take the whole pattern off the numbers.

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as much as I'm trying to get behind the green in stanford I'm struggling. i think the issue with the green is the thick green stripe in the middle of the red. it works better as the outline on the number maybe try witch the stripe colors.

I like vandy a lot! i like the "rope" stripe is different and unique. i don't like the stripes in the number just because it reminds me of naves new jerseys too much

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Here is air force with a full explanation of everything.


Helmet: The helmet features the thunder bolt on the side which reflects on the traditional decal on Air Force helmets. This one is dark gray to remind us that the US Air Force rushes into the storm to protect the Freedom of America and others around the world. The helmet stripe is based off the F-15 plane which usually flies over Falcon Stadium before games. The colors are based off the stars and stripes and the Air Force Roundel logo.

Jersey: The blue follows a tradition of blue home jerseys that has gone on as long as Falcon Football has existed. It draws attention the the star on the collar which is based of the roundel (seen on back collar) represents the teams past success as 18 time winners of the commander-in-chief's cup (more then both Army and Navy). The jersey also features the F-15 striping. The font reminds us that the Falcons have always attacked with speed rather then size and strength while remembering the typical block numbers. The "aim high" on the back is an Air Force slogan that reminds us that the team goes for excellence not only on the football field, but also in the classroom (39 academic all americans).

pants: The white pants follow a tendency of white and gray pants. You can find the F-15 Stripe on the side and the classic AF logo on the front.

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I wonder how many times we'll have to ask you to put some time and thought into the execution of your concepts before you'll actually do so ;)

You've gotten sound feedback from a few members here, and yet, you just keep rushing forward with more concepts that are being limited by your refusal of said feedback and lack of attention to detail...

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I gotta agree with drdougfresh. Just take some time. For as long as you've been around this site, you should have understood just how vital that is.

Design wise, I really don't like the backwards lightning bolt for Air Force. I like Vandy's rope motif, but not in the numbers. Stanford repping the green makes sense, but I just don't like it being used like it is.

These are close. Just take the C&C you are requesting and put them to use.

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