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Thunder move Tulsa 66ers franchise to OKC, to be renamed the Blue?


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Legitimate mistake, or quick Illustrator work?

NEW Oklahoma City Blue logo:


Does this make the other one the shortest-lived logo ever?

That's worse than the original one. And no, I'm not joking. This has to be the least inspired nickname/logo set in D-League history. The original d-league logos were better than this.

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The worst part is...I see AMAZING work by designers on this forum on a daily basis, and many of them do it for fun, just to share it with the world...meanwhile, SOMEBODY ACTUALLY GOT PAID TO MAKE THIS!!!!

What is our world coming to?

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Holy cow, that's awful. Have they given any reason as to why they chose "Blue" as a name? Because that's as weird as it gets.

"Blue is one of our primary Thunder colors, but it has become more than just a color for us. It has come to represent the passion, loyalty and unity of our fans and our community in their support for our team. Our players wear it proudly on their uniforms, our fans sport Thunder blue shirts, Thunder blue flags fly across Oklahoma and our statewide Blue Alliance fan groups show their connection to our team and what it stands for," said Brian Byrnes, Thunder senior vice president of Sales and Marketing.

"It is only fitting that our development team, which is such an integral part of our organization, be called the Blue to represent the cohesion it has with the Thunder. We think this new name accurately reflects the enhanced unity between the two teams, which are now geographically and philosophically aligned in Oklahoma City and focused on development."

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Seriously, what was wrong with keeping the 66ers name?

This also goes to show that the Oklahoma City Thunder whole-heartedly support their current logo.

I agree that Route 66 is very relevant to the state and they should have stayed as the 66ers. A question that is a bit off topic...what is the font of Oklahoma City on that map?

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