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Michigan State football helmet concept

Western Michigan

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I just hatched a good idea for a Michigan State football helmet concept while watching them a few minutes ago...

The way that their current helmet is, the stripe is supposed (I think) to be the top mohawk (no idea what it's called) part of the spartan helmet in their logo. I like that idea a lot, and I think there is lots of potential there, instead of just putting the logo on the helmets along with that stripe.

The current MSU helmet looks like this, if anybody needs reference.

So I've blended their logo into their helmet stripe, and it turned out something like this.


This is just a quick mockup just to get my idea out of my head.

If anyone likes this idea and wants to run with it, feel free to post some better quality concepts of this idea here.

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Nice attempt, but see if you can line up the eye opening on the logo with the ear holes. It might not work, but you can tweak it and see how it looks. I like how you're incorporating the center stripe into the logo.

BTW, anyone interested in making a Miami Dolphin-like, inception styled helmet GIF out of this? ;)

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I like where your head is at.

Think about this. If the logo on the helmet is already a helmet, why not make their helmet entirely white, with the "MSU" logo as the off-center supported logo, and change the facemask so that looks like the "Face Sheild" of the spartan helmet, (i.e. the facemask is green, but with a white angled point going down the center. The sides of the helmets near the eyes could have green football shaped designs that resemble the eye holes of the helmet, maybe with a straight right angle downward to represent the cheek armor?

I'm sorry that writing this description is not as easy as displaying it.

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