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MLB Changes 2015


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This may have been covered already and I'm sure a few insiders already know, but the Pirates just tweeted they will reveal their new alternate jersey on Saturday. Is this going to replace the black, the throwback Sunday, or is it an additional jersey?

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When will this cream nonsense end!

I actaly wish there was more of it. The Giants look great in cream. I really think some of the pinstriped teams would look good in cream. If the Phillies dropped their white outlins from the wordmark and numbers (and just left them red with no blue trim) they might look good in cream.

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Can't imagine the Pirates doing anything in cream, they already have the home Sunday throwback alternates.

I could swear that the team Facebook post said it was going to be a Saturday (home, presumably) alternate. It does not say that now, so I'm not sure if this will be in additional to or in replacement of the black or throwback alternate.

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