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Major League Soccer unveils new logo


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SuperLiga was very much redundant with the CONCACAF Champions League, especially before schedule concerns decreed that MLS teams couldn't play in both. CONCACAF moved to a league format vs its previous straight knockout format around the same time, which is why SuperLiga didn't last long.

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I'm not sure what is so difficult for some folks to understand about people supporting the highest level of soccer played where they live. Even if MLS was to rename itself with something like Premier in the name, that would rather obviously be referring to "premier in the geographic area the league plays in"

Also, I think the idea of a total North American league is a little crazy, the geographic footprint and logistics would be crazy. Which it already is for CCL.

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Major League Soccer will be showing off their new logo tomorrow (18 September).

They say it is to "celebrate the future of our league".
This is what they have looked like over the years:

This is the original from 1996:

and it's been modernised at least twice since then:



and a new one to be unveiled tomorrow if rumours (yes I included a "u"! ;)) are correct.

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Was just about to post the other thread where this was being discussed: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/100064-new-mls-logo-for-2015/

EDIT: Not saying this one needs to be merged or shut down; it could stay for the actual unveiling. But if you're looking for rumours, clues or conjecture, it would be in that other thread.

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It wouldn't surprise me given MLS' love in with LD at the moment. But that really would be terrible. I can't be the only one who finds Donovan to be a bit of an irritating ass, can I?

I highly doubt they'll go the red/white/blue route. Shield shapes that are slightly taller than they are wide look best on the sleeve of a uniform, going that route wouldn't be a bad idea. I've always loved the simplicity of the NHL logo, it fits in perfectly with the soccer aesthetic.

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