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Major League Soccer unveils new logo


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Not as bad as I feared, but too simple, I think. The old one was too literal, but this is too abstract.

And I'd rather have the NYCFC version use navy and orange; the sky blue half is going to disappear against the sky blue shirt. At least the Galaxy's patch is contrasting.


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Wow, that is a some serious design BS in that infographic. I know they felt they needed reasons for the elements (I mean, we've all done it), but their explanations are clearly trying too hard.

"The second half is an open white space that brings you in and out of the MLS world."

What does this even mean?


The shield itself int bad. It's a big empty and the should remove the random extension of the slash, but otherwise it is passable.

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Given the color schemes and such for each team, I thought Chivas USA was getting rebranded. Why waste the time to show a logo color scheme that could potentially not be there in the next season?

Why not? Better than one blank entry. Until the team is sold, rebranded or folded, they'll need a logo too.

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