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The 2014-2015 NHL Boondoggle


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Also, unlike Sochi, there aren't any South Korean superstars who will threaten to go to the Olympics without the NHL's permission. The only way that I see the NHL send their players in 2018 is if NBC strong arms Bettman and the owners. A lack of household names in the Olympic hockey tournament might hurt their viewership.

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I'm sorry, perhaps I should offer more insight than my continued joy at the uselessness of the Staals. This is a really bad break for the Hurricanes, as even without Jim Rutherford, they have chosen to assemble a roster that has the depth of a wading pool. Their big offseason move was Jay McClement. Bringing in Jordan Staal in the first place was a stupid bit of roster management, as the cost of acquisition contributed to Raleigh continuing to do some of the worst drafting in the league.

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A list of active borderline Hall of Famers. What do you think?

Spezza: no

Tim Thomas: no

Elias: he will get in but I say no, just a compiler

Gonchar: no


Sedins: absolutely

St. Louis: yes

Luongo: I'm inclined to say no because he's better known for being bad than being good. He's sort of a modern John Vanbiesbrouck. He'll get in because of the 2010 Olympics

Thornton: yes

Iginla: yes

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Spezza: No.

Tim Thomas: No, but I think that Bruins Cup gets him in.

Elias: Yes.

Gonchar: No.

Doan: Really? [/TheMiz]

Sedins: Yes.

St. Louis: Yes.

Luongo: Yes. A Cup will help his case but LOLPANTHERS. Still, I think he gets in.

Thornton: Yes.

Iginla: Yes.

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Spezza: no

Tim Thomas: If I'm being generous he didn't have a good NHL season until he was 33 years old. You gotta do something in your 20's and be good for a longer period of time to get in for me.

Elias: Yes

Gonchar: no

Doan: no

Sedins: yes

St. Louis: Absolutely

Luongo: Yes

Thornton: yes

Iginla: absolutely first ballot should get 100% of the votes.

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Spezza: Mr. 60 games with a back injury? I don't really think so
Tim Thomas: Career was a flash in the pan compared to everyone else on this list
Elias: He'll keep on getting overlooked, a pretty 50/50 ballot
Gonchar: No
Doan: After he leads the Coyotes to five straight cups in his final years, yes. (but no, not really)
Sedins: One should get in a year before the other, just to mess with them.
St. Louis: Reputation is a bit tarnished, but I think he'll get in
Luongo: Never really considered the best goalie in the league, he'll probably get overlooked and would get in for the Olympic gold.
Thornton: Only if he scores 4 goals in a night first.
Iginla: 100% yes

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Watching the Kings-Ducks preseason game, and noticing the apparent-new lightning effects for Staples Center this year. The rink lights are on but all others are dimmed, so on TV, you can only see the 1st 5-6 rows in the stands.

So the Kings are trying to mimic Chicago's lightning effects at the UC, and copycat that of their inner-arena siblings, the Lakers.

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