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Great Sports Moments "Ruined" by Terrible Uniforms


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I originally thought of starting this thread after watching TSN's "Top 10 - Best NHL Goalie Saves" on YouTube a few nights ago. The #1 save was Pittsburgh's Sebastien Caron's save against Philadelphia's Brian Savage:


Those Flyers uniforms are just awful. Right down to that chromed winged-P logo.

Another example happened tonight. Devin Hester broke Deion Sander's all-time return TD record as an Atlanta Falcon. The play was beautiful, the tribute to Deion at the end was great, the uniforms... ehhh... As if the Falcon's uniforms were bad enough, the play was against the Buccaneers of all teams. Imagine if Hester had stayed with the Bears and broke the record against the Packers; that would have been a beautiful record breaking moment, but alas, we were left with this:


(this picture was actually the TD Hester scored before his punt return. I couldn't find that one, but you get the idea)

What are some other examples of great moments in sports that just seemed to have been "ruined" by terrible looking uniforms?

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I don't really feel that bad uniforms mar too many sports moments.

About the only thing I can think of is if some one-off (like the stars/stripes or TATC) were to be worn for a no-hitter or something. Oregon not wearing school colors for the National Championship game, also.

But I don't think, for example, the less-than-great Hurricanes uniforms* ruined their cup celebration.

*I did not like those, but insert your team there.

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I will say I like the uniform when worn once a week max. I do have great memories associated with that month and those vests but that's not how the Rockies first HOFer's(?) biggest moment of his career should have looked, he should have been wearing the White with Purple pinstripes.


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Elway and the Broncos should've been wearing the orange crush uniforms for the Super Bowl wins.

Don't you know that those uniforms are cursed!? :P

You could make a convincing argument that the emotion felt by the players after the loss to Jacksonville in the 96 playoffs combined with the new KEWL uniforms in 97 were the impetus for their success in those first two seasons. The new uniforms brought about a new attitude, so to speak. Neil Smith even talked about in their "America's Game" documentary.

There was a mental aspect to those uniforms in the super bowl against Green Bay. Like, "Yes we've lost all 4 Super Bowls we've been in, but we've never played a Super Bowl in these uniforms." That Super Bowl had a different vibe from the other Denver super bowls right from the beginning.

Still though, it didn't feel quite right. At least not for me.

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^ I still really like that Titans set. The only change I would make is slap the pant stripes on the helmet, and then make a pair of white socks with those stripes to be worn with the blue pants. The logo would still suck, but that would be as close to a modern classic as any football uniform.

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this always killed me ... Jeter got 2722nd hit to pass Lou Gherig and becomes Yankees all time hit leader. It happened on Sept 11 so the Yankees were wearing god-awful red stars-and-stripes caps. Jeter obv got the hit wearing his normal batting helmet, but the team came over the celebrate and they all looked like crap.


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