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A H L 's Aeros to unveil new colors...

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They probably didn't want to do too much to the Aeros as the Wild will most likely be "taking off" and "landing" in Des Moines, IA next season, as is the rumor.

If that's the case they definitely suceeded in not doing too much.

No... that isn't the rumor.

Howard Baldwin - owner of the AHL's new Des Moines, Iowa-based franchise - has actually been negotiating with the Dallas Stars. It is expected that the Stars will place their top farm team in Des Moines in time for the 2005-2006 season.

As for the Minnesota Wild, at one time their parent company had been exploring the possibility of placing a farm team in Des Moines, as well as managing the new arena there. However, since that deal fell through, the Wild have actually bought a percentage of the Houston Aeros. Given that they own a piece of the team, expect the Wild to maintain a minor-league presence in Houston for the forseeable future.

Brian in Boston

My bad... I haven't really followed the whole thing too closely. I never do until they take the ice. The way AHL teams have wandered in the past you never know where they will end up. I know originaly the Wild seemed deeply interested in placing their affiliate there.

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know what woulda been a nice set for em?  the one they just dumped :cursing:

I hope you mean the ones they dumped before last season. 'Cause this past season's were about as unimaginitive as they come. Of course, so are the new-new ones.

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When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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