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MLS San Jose Earthquakes crest redesign


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I don't have strong feelings for or against the San Jose Earthquakes, however I'm not a big fan of their current crest: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/33279522014/San_Jose_Earthquakes/2014/Primary_Logo

So I took some time to update their look to the following:


I tried to balance it out more while retaining similar use of the colors from their current crest. Also, two additions I want to point out are the richter scale readings behind the word "San Jose" and the wreath around soccer ball which comes directly from San Jose's city seal:


This is my first redesign and I'm new to graphic design, so constructive criticism is welcome!

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I like it and see where you're going, but the richter scale readings and wreath together make it way too busy, looks like it was scribbled. Maybe a white wreath would look better. Also, 1974 looks like it was forced on, it doesn't fit. Maybe you could try to tone down the readings, get rid of the wreath and place 1974 below the ball? Otherwise, looks good. Good ideas.

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I like the idea of using the Richter scale readings, but I feel like it's an idea better utilized in a different way, it's causing some trouble reading San Jose well. The wreath seems superfluous to me; it doesn't speak to "Earthquakes" and causes the whole design to become disjointed (it reads "earthquakes" on top of the crest and "San Jose soccer" on the bottom, but they're not really tied together by anything other than proximity). Remember, with logos, less is more. Great first outing though!

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