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Washington Capitals fauxbacks


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I really liked Washington's newly released Winter Classic jersey, so I wanted to make some changes to clean up the shoulders, since that's the only part I'm up in the air about. I think the logo gives a great vintage feel and wanted to see a complete set. I made two shoulder options... Please excuse the low quality logo and captains patches. Don't have access to anything but Paint right now and did my best.


This one is a little more modern.


This one keeps two of the stripes on the shoulder and turns one into stars, to more directly reference the DC flag.

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I think you should work on this as a third jersey rather than a new set, because the logo doesn't seem strong enough to be a team's primary mark. But, it could be a great third.

I'd say match the colors to the Caps regular colors, but the Rangers managed the dark-throwback-colors for a while, so why not?

Keep the stars. With the double stripes on the sleeves, it's just another red-Maple-Leafs jersey. The stars on the sleeves was something the original Caps look used, this is the time to bring it back.

I also like the closer double-stripe on the shoulders. It's more obvious that it's the DC flag (or at least the inverse) that way.

Go back towards your original second concept.

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