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Gupti Football Concepts v2 (New England Patriots added 9/27)


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Huh, well since my last thread got zero response and was ultimately cast down the boards to never be seen and unable to be bumped by myself, I'm just starting a new thread for my material. If you've gotten anything to say about whats in the last thread, say it here. Now for the Patriots, a slightly more ambitious go than the last two:


  • The Patriots current uniform, while not a very good design in my eyes, has become something of a classic, representing a dynasty and an era of excellence for a franchise that once didn't have too much. However, as the team has changed and moved on a bit from it's old dominant self, the shine of the uni has faded and the obsolete nature of its over-piping and hyper-stylized logo has shown through. A change is in order.
  • While not a direct inspiration, I noticed as I was making these that the colors and designs reminded me a bit of Top Gun. Makes enough sense considering the patriotic imagery and that their most prolific player was once known for dominating the air.
  • Using the recently introduced (yet hardly utilized) wordmark, the new jersey does away with side panels and unnecessary outlining for a fresh new look featuring a unique, patriotic sleeve stripe thats reflected on the pants. Also, the navy blue is slightly lightened to more resemble the blue color in the American flag. (these are the "Patriots", aren't they?)
  • Also new is a tweak of the last decade's Pat the Patriot logo. While a manufactured classic in the same way as the jerseys (one isnt likey to see a logo with more championship merchandise in its image in this past decade), I find that its over-stylization and Buffasluggish nature make it look dated as well. If anything, I'd imagine the team would like the mark to be associated less with a certain rock-and-roll singer and more with, well, a patriot. This is done by making the "hat" more like a hat, and the "hair" (if thats what its considered) more like hair. Being my first attempt at fixing a logo, I wouldn't say its perfect, but it's new composition and flow make for a much better fit on the helmet, wouldn't you think? (I actually considered bringing back the hat/number helmets from before Pat, but the new logo just looked too good up there) Speaking of, the helmet stripe is pretty wild but it recalls the logo and works well with the sleeve stripe.
  • In keeping with the patriotic theme, the thirteen stars ringing around the collar recall those on the original American flag that represented the original thirteen colonies that the team's namesake defended.
  • Font is a modified Athletic, made to resemble the recent wordmark.
  • RULES: Blue socks for silver/white pants, silver socks for blue pants, blue-on-blue is a maybe but don't count on it

Hopefully we can pick things up in here before I get started on an Eagles design, and I also have the Chargers in the back of my mind but feel free to give me ideas.

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