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SEC Football Uniforms – Back to the Basics


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With the uniform craze over the last couple of years only continuing to grow more and more ridiculous, the SEC has prided itself (for the most part) in maintaining a rather traditional feel with their respected universities. I'd like to go even a step further and get these teams back to the root of their design. A lot of the changes were made with tradition in mind, adding elements that used to be commonplace for these institutions, while still at times allowing a pinch of the modern flare to remain. I'll go through each university in the SEC, some given a lot of change, others not so much, to get back to the basics and prove that less is more.

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man i love this look for mizzou. Its a great traditional look. I only have 2 comments about how to change it, 1) id like to see what the uniform would look like if the stripe style from the jersey was also used on the pants and the helmet, and 2) i think a full color collar would look better than the half color collar.

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Even though Missouri got rid of the block M when they moved to the SEC for a good reason (I still get Michigan comments about my block M hat), for the purposes of what you are going for in this series I like it. However some things I'm not a fan of:

- If your going back to the basics, then make the M white, or put a black and white outline around it

- Not a fan of the mismatched fonts between the helmet and jerseys. Either go with block numbers and wordmark, or see how the M on the helmet looks with the new font

- Change the sleeves to white on the away and go G/W/B/W/G on the sleeve stripes

Should be an interesting thread to follow though! Wondering how much your going to change to Alabama ;)

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Yea i would definitely keep the M white. Think about how you want that logo to be used on apparel and how you're going to seperate it from Michigan. Some alterations wouldnt be a bad idea either.

The stripes work well enough here, but i dont think its actually better than your first version. Without any variation your design will become boring and stale. Keep that in mind going forth

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I think this looks very good, as a Mizzou fan I love it!

If there's one suggestion I could make, if you are going to "simplify" the unis, I would love to see the old gold used, instead of our horribly mustard yellow. Not your problem, but just a suggestion

That's not mustard yellow, and I think it looks great. Before with the "old" or "vegas" gold we seemed too dull. I like how the university has embraced the new "athletic" gold. Plus going back to the shade of gold your talking about would make us look too much like Vanderbilt. Mizzou has to forge it's own identity in the SEC, and I think they have done a great job so far. At least now the gold matches throughout all the sports...

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! Keep it comin'. Here is the final edit for Mizzou.

*Edit (2) Missouri Tigers:

- went back to original striping patterns (match look for 70's and 80's http://www.columbiatribune.com/multimedia/the-history-of-mizzou-football-uniforms/collection_871ae6bb-9a08-58ea-a904-0f905e1dc6b4.html#image_6)

- changed face mask color to grey

- went back to original white color for "M" block on helmet

- changed text on jersey to match "M" block



Next up... War Eagle.

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