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Williams Martini Racing in 2015

Dave Ship

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I like this. A few things:

-The color of the rear wing endplate doesn't look like it matches the color of the front wing endplate. Is it because of the template? If not you should fix it.

-Why the rims on the wheels bigger? They are not changing the size of them for next year.

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Nice job on the Williams livery...I myself like the fade to black on the rear spoiler. As for the size of the rims being bigger, I think that is a concept design from the original poster. From my understanding, Pirelli is remaining at tyre supplier to F1 and their rims/tyre size are not changing. If they were going to change the rim size, it would affect the body clearance, brake cooling ducting, aerodynamics...in other words alot of redesign.

All in all, nice job on the Williams concept. Great to see someone else post some F1 concepts on the board other than me :) Are you planning on doing any other livery concepts Dave?

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