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Hi everyone, this is just an idea I had for Colorado State. Maybe not a primary logo since their current logo will probably stay for a long time. Just wanted to get some c&c.



Love it!! Can't wait to see it cleaned up, looks sick.

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Here's a few different options. I'm having some trouble with the U/snout. C&C always appreciated!


Nice attempts. I say your sketch had better proportions (particularly around the "u"). The full-color renderings appear to be too abrupt and muzzled. I liked how the eye fit better under the "s" in your sketch.

You could also try to keep the ram horn as a single color (or a bit less of the darker shading). I think that could help bring focus from left to right as someone should read it: CSU

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What sells the sketch for me is the transition from the top of the S to the U. When transferring it to the actual logo, it is more of a straight line transition now. I also like how the left side of the U doesn't hug the S in your sketch. they can be separated elements but collectively, appear as a single logo.

I agree with the earlier comment on the eye. Don't try to fit it into the open space. Make it an eye, disregarding the negative space you are trying to fit it in. At first look, I had to go back to your sketch to figure out what the green spot was because it didn't look like an eye.

Tinker with making the ram horn green as well, with separation between it and the S. See what that looks like.

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I like the first one the best. It does the best job of reading as "CSU" while still looking like a ram head on first glance. I think it's the way the top of the S transitions into the U.

I agree that you should work on the coloring of the ram horn to make it stand out a little less, and there's some general linework that needs to be refined. Great start though! This is going to turn out really well!

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First I would say you should try working in one color to begin with. That's what I always do.

Your sketch is really good. I like it a lot, and it's a really good idea. One thing I noticed that's different from your sketch and vectorized version is the large blank space between the C and S. I would make the C and S closer like you have it in your original sketch.

As far as the snout, your vectorized version has the bridge from the eye to the nose too strait. I would make the top of the S more curved and make the U more like the one in your sketch. It would make it look more like there is an eyesocket/forehead and snout.

I feel as though you over thought the vectorization process. In your sketch you have a great balance between anatomical correctness and readability, but in your vector version you have the C anatomically correct, but went for readability with the S and U.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. My first attempt at this was by using circles and straight edges. Either I need more practice doing this style or it simply wouldn't work with this concept. My second attempts I feel are much more appealing. They are rough right now with line-work that needs to be cleaned up. I still feel like the "U" is causing problems with the overall feel. I tried one with a smaller horn/C and I feel like it threw off the 3-2-1 dynamic of it getting smaller from left to right.

C&C always appreciated!

Attempt series #1


Attempt series #2rmr1qo.jpg



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Finally had time to work re-work this concept and i'm pretty pleased with out it turned out. The eye is still causing some issues, so if there are any ideas or suggestions it would very helpful. I also did one with an ear, but i'm not sure it needs it.

Happy new year!


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