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Uniforms that frustrate and anger you


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I was on the fence about these at first but now I love them. They are unlike anything else we have worn but I really enjoy the vibrancy of the colors. It's a cohesive look.




CFCS....Cream for Cream's sake. I hate this fad so much I can no longer watch the MLB on Saturdays when most teams wear this garbage

I like all of these. Usually the cream alts have a throwback vibe and I can definitely get on board with that. They still capture the essence of the team and have a traditional look.
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The Sabres current jerseys make me angry. I often delude myself into thinking that they've gone back to the classic blue and gold:


In reality, they're wearing dark, dark, dark navy, have unnecessary silver outlines everywhere, crazy busy hem and sleeve stripes, a weird mustardy yellow and random piping.


Edit: That third isn't bad, but they don't use it anymore.

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For me, it's teams where management refuses to listen to fans and/or see merchandise sales, insisting on keeping their stamp on the team. Sorry, San Diego, you're batting 0-for-2 right now.

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Astros nameplate font

Padres nameplate font

Astros wearing BP jerseys (really any team wearing BP jerseys, but Houston's are exceptionally bad). They've had a ton of identities but I thought both the black/gold shooting star and the first Enron Field set were strong. Shoot, I think Arizona looks good with the same colors as the Enron set.

The random white piping on MLB umpire shirts. When did this become a thing? Why did this become a thing?

Sleeved jerseys in the NBA.

College jerseys with goofy slogans on the nameplates. Spring games exempt. Service academies *not* exempt.

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Retro-for-retro's-sake uniforms from teams that had fine modern looks.... this is especially bad in hockey

To be fair, hockey fans generally prefer traditional, classic styled uniforms. Outside of complaints of the Tampa Bay Maple Wings, Team Carolinada, Florida jumping on the trendy Penguins Winter Classic double blue fad, and the Stars removing gold, I haven't seen a lot of complaints, and less so about them being "retro" uniforms. The classic striping style is a tried and true formula that works. We know it works, and the teams know it works. Modern looks can also look great if executed properly, but they tend to become either outdated very quickly or poorly thought out to begin with.

As far as modern NHL uniforms go, the 2006-10 Sabres uniforms looked great, save for the Buffaslug that was stuck on the front. Meanwhile the current Sabres look terrible because they stuck on a load of tacky grey piping and armpits for no good reason. Not to mention the Turd Burger third.

As for the Wild, the name may suggest otherwise - depending on how you interpret it - but they're in a traditional hockey market so they sort of warrant that kind of look. The original uniforms were OK, but they went too wild (pardon the pun) with the number font and shoulder patch. The only thing that's been plaguing this team in the Edge era is the lack of consistency, and the new road jersey makes a big step towards fixing that.


My long-time annoyance is the Ducks regular duds. Wordmark, all-black home uniform, orange and gold colours that bleed into the black and white, going near invisible on TV, an all-around soulless identity that I've had to stare at for eight years. The third jersey has its own problems but rights the wrongs of the regular duds. I've been all set for the third to replace the home, and admittedly got a bit angry when they wore the regular black jersey instead during the 2013 playoffs. At this point I just want something, anything better. Whether that's a more traditional uniform, a full-on rebrand, or straight up bringing back the Mighty Ducks, or better yet, updating the original Mighty Ducks look.

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Arizona Cardinals.

This. They updated the logo perfectly yet the uniforms are a mess of mid 2000s design trends. Compared to how good the Cardinals could look? It's a damn travesty.
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