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bc looks good.

like the stripes on both the lids and jerseys..fixes my only issue with the lions i dont mind the orange mask at all

the black set reminds me of the 2010 one, which i liked alot..

really good update!

best one so far

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no major changes.. i like how u unified the striping from helmet to jersey to pants.. ( even if i kinda liked the horn stripe, even though it didnt fit the rest ) would like the white pants on the road.. they are still silver right?

great job!

looks cleaner

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Would it be possible to do an Als uniform without red in it? I'm thinking of their origins as the Baltimore Stallions.

They were the Als before folding, but If you would like, after I do signature uniforms, I could do defunct teams.

they are still silver right?

Yes, they are in fact still silver

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For the Riders, the alternate that they rolled out this year (not the watermelon looking signature set) was the best they've looked in the better part of a decade, so I took that and made it the home set. I also removed all black from their color scheme.



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I dig your Riders set. Two things to improve them though. First, have the UCLA stripes come down closer to the armpits. It can be done, see Ole Miss and LSU.

Also, the socks on the away set would be nicer if they were white with some green stripes.

Just my two cents. Good work

I thought about the striped socks, but I decided against it, because I didn't want them to look too much like the Jets.

Also, I don't think the long UCLA stripes look good on either team.

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redblacks is a perfect mix of the old roughriders and new redblacks teams

would add some back pants as an option but thats about it.. think he folx in ottawa would love these

Great work so far! Can't wait for my hometown Esks!

as an eskimo fan me neither!

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