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Guilty pleasures?

Phils Phan

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Uniforms that you know aren't overall good designs, at least for a professional team, but still can't help but have a soft spot for them (even if it's only because of their gaudyness)

The Mavericks chrome uniforms, Utah Jazz mountain unis and the Devil Rays inaugural set all come to mind for me.

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  • Powder blue goes against my traditionalist taste but I loved:
    • Phillies
    • Expos (which had other guilty pleasure features)
    • Royals
  • I liked the Houston Astros "Rainbow guts"
  • I liked the below Sonics jersey even though I tended to hate the 90s style of putting more than wordmark/number on jersey
  • I liked some of the asymetrical college hoops jerseys of the 1990s. The below is probably my favorite Wisconsin uniform (particularly the old school W on the shorts), which is a "just add black" guilty pleasure.
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This is kinda why we have the unpopular opinions thread.

I can see the difference. An unpopular opinion is something most people think is bad, but you think is good. A guilty pleasure is a something you think is bad but still enjoy.

It's also not your place to tell someone not to make a thread. Leave that to the mod team. On that note...

Also Phils Phan, you've been cranking these threads out like crazy.

Stop backseat modding. If you think you see a problem let the mods know and we'll decide if it needs to be dealt with.

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The Islanders fisherman set had too much going on to be a good design but I always appreciated the creativity and boldness. The blue version in particular looks great in person... just not on the ice.

+1 for the "Pacific Salmon" reds

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