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2015-16 Soccer Kits and News


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I am so, so, so happy that the NYCFC road kit is black and not navy.

The sooner MLS moves away from the perceived need that your away kit has to be the secondary color or white, the better.

Case in point: Orlando City. Was really hoping that they'd go for a red clash shirt. It's not in their palette, sure, but it would tie back to the USL days while still looking sharp. Shame.

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Black they could probably keep their regular purple.

But since they're not allowed a third, they need at least one option among their two kits that can work any possible opponent. So red would be out.

Who would a red shirt clash against that a purple one doesn't...? The only times the purple is going to clash would be against navy blue or black teams — and red would work fine with them.

I mean, hell, the Fire's two kits this past year were red with navy sleeves/upper body and navy. Sporting had three kits that clashed with each other!

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I'm not actually sure that purple and red are distinct enough so as not to invoke a clash.

I'd be surprised if the refs allowed Orlando to wear their purples when playing in Salt Lake City, for example.


And while their purple shirts would definitely clash with Colorado's claret, I don't see how a red change kit would be a whole lot better.


So Orlando needs something farther removed from their regular palette. Once they're allowed a third kit, then you can talk red.

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