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2015-16 Soccer Kits and News


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Why are there no stripes on the front and stripes on the back on the away kit? It looks dumb.

To keep the sponsor clean. It's as annoying as when there's no stripes on the back.

And I'm 90% sure that Barca will look very close to this next season. Sport has leaked their kits correctly the past few years

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Any uniform that looks like that deserves a permanent time out in the 90's anyway.

Barcelona's kits actually look good, save the front of the clash, but I hope it's a one off. Those kits are just too different for a team with that much history.

I'm surprisingly sad to see a return to their lighter shades as well, they were getting really nice looks with progressively darker coloured kits.

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This might be going a bit too far into the future, but quoted from a spokesperson from David Beckham's group: "Miami is still David's number one choice and it will happen. The fans and the people of Miami are behind us and we hope to announce some positive and exciting news very soon." (from Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/03/us-soccer-mls-beckham-idUSKCN0JH1ZL20141203 )

So can we expect some progress in Miami this offseason or are we going to wait through a whole lot of no news again? Also, nothing has really been said about Atlanta at all (it was barely mentioned in the State of the League address the other day). Any idea if this offseason will bring us news on them.

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