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Are the Bruins the only team whose home socks aren't the same color as the jersey?

Sean F&F

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I'm going to bump my nearly 3 year old thread now that the original title is no longer true.

The worst part about the new uniforms from Adidas is the change to the black socks like the old alternates had.

It looks too much like Pittsburgh now.






I really hope they can change back to yellow.







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If the Bruins wanted consistency, I get it. However, they didn't make the correct choice and thus didn't do a good job redesigning. With that said, allow me to help them out so that the look is corrected.


The old sock striping didn't match anything, it's true. But bring back these classic socks...




You get a look consisting of yellow socks that match the inner striping.


Problem: Solved.

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