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The Barclays Center


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Rattner reportedly really wanted to make the facility hockey-friendly, but a combination of trying to please the planning commission and lack of cooperation from the Islanders meant the design became more and more basketball-only.

The sad part is it was still the Islanders' best option. By a mile.

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They cant just convert the empty space into standing room? Add bleachers or something.

That would entail an entire lower bowl renovation! The arena isn't equiped to do it. What it looks like to me is that they shoehorned the hockey rink into the concert configuration. Meaning, where the stages get built is one end of the rink. And the rest kind of "fits." It's the opposite of buildings built for hockey. At least the places are centered properly and can host most events. Basketball only arenas can't do this because sight lines are geared towards the court. It appears the Barclay's Center has more permanent seating on the one end, while the other end has more temporary or collapsible seating. Generally concerts use more of a hockey configuration to add more floor seating. I hope this helps.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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