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Uniform numbers that look bad


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Why did Evgeni Malkin choose to wear the number "71"? It's such a weird number.


As I understand it from a rudimentary Google search, he wanted 17 but it was already taken when he arrived in Pittsburgh. So he flipped it around. Happens more often than you think. I've even heard tell of guys who want to wear 19, but it's taken, so they rotate it 180 degrees to get 61.
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Not necessarily bad, but very high basketball numbers always look weird to me.


The Leafs have a love-in for numbers in the 40s, but Polak's 46 just looks weird for a Dman.


Bobrovsky's 72 I found weird but I really like it now. Plus I just learned that Hextall wore 72 as a goalie. I agree with him that it looks good on a jersey:


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I think I heard that Ottavino chose to wear 0 because it looks like an "O" which is his last initial. So technically he is #O not #0.

Here is another oddity, last season after the Nuggets acquired Aaron Brooks there was a 0 and 00 on the team, which has to be the first time that has happened in sports history.


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So basically just post any strange number.

If we're talking about aesthetically unpleasing numbers, then I think 37 is up there. I don't know if it's because it's two prime numbers, or just the shapes of the numbers, or what, but I just hate it.

Also, while not really an ugly number, I also don't like 35. It just seems so static - like I can't picture a little fast running back or DB or receiver wearing it. It's a number that relief pitchers or backup goalies wear.

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38 looks weird to me on a baseball uniform. No one famous really ever wore it, so it looks a bit weird. Any pitcher over who wears a number greater than 56. Buerhle looks fine in 56, but that's it. Also Kimbrel wearing 46 is weird, because I'd think a badass pitcher like him would have a number in the 30's.

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