__taylorc's College Baseball Redesigns (4/16 Virginia Tech)

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Here's just a little taste of what's to come I was just really excited to post these!! I'm starting off with the American Athletic Conference.



I wanted to start off with something a little out there....

-Most obvious is the Claw Marks on the Cap, similar to what the Cincinnati Football and Basketball teams have

-Colored the piping to make the uniforms stand out more

-Put the Bearcat Eyes on the back of there Collar like the Football team



-Added more Red into the uniforms since there Football and Basketball team are doing the same

-Got rid of the dumb looking Old English "C" (didn't fit font)

-Shoulder Yoke and Pant Stripe similar to UConn's new basketball uniforms

-Instead of "UCONN" on Home jerseys I added "HUSKIES" instead

-And created a Vest for there Alternate Home's

-Made Red Brim for Away while creating Solid Blue for Home's

East Carolina


Nothing to different from what they wear now

-All I really did for these was to just make them more constant

-Added new "Pirate" on caps

-Black Caps only used for there Black Alternates

-Swapped "East Carolina" on Yellow Alternates for there "Pirates" wordmark

This is just a little teaser of whats to come so please give me feedback it helps out a lot

That "stupid" old English or "hooked" C as UConn calls it is part of the history of UConn baseball and needs to stay on the hats. Also as big UConn fan, I am not liking the red billed caps but think that the Husky dog logo all blue caps would make for a great alternate cap. The team wears that logo on their helmets. Also maybe try making the home white uniform cream and use that as an alternate uniform and make a more traditional white home uniform with UConn on the front like what they have now.

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