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Pizza Hut changing their branding


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Pizza Hut missed the mark. They didn't really change their brand so much as put their old logo inside of a colored circle. Dominos, while having forgettable-to-meh pizza themselves, did an excellent rebrand a couple years ago which was elegant, simple, and encapsulated their name in a simple symbol that everybody can associate with their company:


Pizza Hut too has a symbol: the red "hat" or roof, which is brilliant for them because it transcends language. It's a universally recognized icon that anyone who grew up with a television will recognize for pizza. Instead of similarly reducing their brand to showcase that symbol, they're hiding it inside of a glob of sauce. The font they use is reminiscent of ESPN2's lame early years where they were trying to be alternative and capture a younger audience. Well unless I'm mistaken, Pizza Hut doesn't have arcade games anymore. They don't give out promotional toys. They still do the Book It program, but I don't think it's nearly as interesting for kids since Pizza Hut is no longer a cool place for kids to hang out.

When I was young Pizza Hut had ties to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Saturday morning cartoons, Land Before Time, etc. The local crappy Pizza Hut even had awesome arcade games and the people who worked there were really friendly. Now there's maybe 2 people who work there at a time, they redecorated their interior to be this ugly plastic nothingness, devoid of soul or flavor. It felt like eating at a Burger King. Just lifeless.

Pizza Hut should aim to recapture the charm that they manufactured via clever marketing and "cool" status in the early 90's. Their problems go beyond having a crappy logo, but if Pizza Hut seemed less corporate and more "screw the perception, remember us? You had fun here, come on by." If that makes any sense.

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CS85, that makes perfect sense...everything.

The Pizza Hut in my hometown has Ms. Pacman, a pinball machine and one of those sticker vending machines, but the store is actually closing very soon and moving across town to a newer facility.

But I agree about its whole image. I remember it used to be a fun place. Now, although their pizza is still pretty good in my opinion (small changes have made it slightly better), their image is definitely suffering. The place just seems so dank and bleak, and like you said, definitely not a "cool" place for kids to hang out. I'm a 90s kid and absolutely loved the Book It! program; it was part of what made me the avid reader I am today.

Please Pizza Hut...make your branding follow suit, and go the Dominos' route.

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Yeah, everything said above! The one near where I live used to be sit down/buffet but changed to Delivery/Carryout about 20 years ago. I used to love the place, they had those table video games you could sit at and eat your slices while you played. Those were the times. There's still one in the area, but it lacks the charm.

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I don't like how the completely eliminated the black and yellow. The duotone branding just looks drab.

Looks like part of a downloadable smartphone iconset. haha

Mehh. They need an actual rebrand.

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The new logo is meh, but I really liked this commercial.

Agreed. When the logo is first shown on the phone as sauce being spread around it helps make it clear what the red blob shape is supposed to be. But this logo just doesn't work as well in print or in a static state.

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The previous logo wasn't good by any stretch, but this version is terrible with a capital T. The background looks more like a nondescript blob than a pizza.

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be evoking sauce being spread on dough. It's the first (and only) thing I saw.

First thing I saw too, I worked there for almost 4 years in high school and that'd genuinely what a base looks like after its been sauced and before toppings have been added. But of course customers never see this so it won't click for most.

I wonderived how long till this gets implemented in Australia.

pizza sauce is the first thing i saw.... though in australia i dont think the "hut" even exists anymore.

Its not an amazing job but its a nice simplification of the current logo, familiar enough but clean

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