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A bunch of hockey concepts


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For the Blues, I wasn't looking to do anything too radical here, just make a couple of possibilites as alternates.

For the Coyotes, I figured they're coming out with a new set of uniforms, so I put together a couple of ideas.

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Thanks for the comments.  Maybe I should clarify myself a little with all the Blues stuff.  It was not my intention to create a whole new jersey scheme or anything like that.  But rather just to implement the re-colored trumpet logo in a jersey that would go with what they currently have, as an alternate, so to speak.  I actually was trying to preserve what they have in some shape or form, only adding to it.  Not to just throw logos on a pre existing template and say I made it all.

That said, I'll agree, they're not too creative at all...figured I'd share them anyway.

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