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LAFC Concept


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As you might have already heard, Chivas USA has folded, and a new LA team will soon take its place. MLS has trademarked two crests, one of which they plan to use for the new team. I, like many others, was not very excited about either of them, so I came up with my own idea of how Los Angeles FC should look...


One thing I liked about the MLS' logos was that they were both primarily black and red, a color scheme that's not terribly overused, at least not in this league, and makes a good antithesis to the white, blue, and gold of Galaxy. I also added gold and green as accent colors, taking inspiration from the city's flag.

When I was designing LAFC's crest, I wanted to create a unique "LA" monogram for them, something that could become as iconic as the "LA" on the Dodgers' hats.

I know my soccer templates aren't exactly current, that's why I used the simplest one I could find to show you the general idea of what I want them to look like.

C&C appreciated, as always.

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