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*Update* Samurai - Fantasy Football Franchise Concept - C&C


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Working on a Fantasy Football team concept design, any thoughts and contrutive criticism welcome!

Primary Logo:




Primary (Home) Helmet:


Secondary (Away) Helmet:


Alternate (Home) Helmet:


Primary (Home) Uniform:


Secondary (Away) Uniform:


Alternative (Home) Uniform:


Football Field:


I'm most pleased with the Away helmet, I'm kinda super stoked about the helmet "horns" ... my wife suggested the drop shadow to make them look like seperate pieces such as on a real samurai helmet.

Suggestions welcome!

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Also, originally the team was going to be "Bushido" or "Team Bushido", however Bushido is more of a concept, way of life, or code of honor, and I wasn't sure it really fit as a team name. I then considered "Ronin" but much of history considered Ronin as undesireables, which wasn't really the theme I was going for, and thus I settled on just plain ole Samurai.

And thus the team name is also up for criticism if anybody has more imaginative ideas than I.

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Thank you for your input!

I think I could work in a gate somewhere in there, that's a good idea.


When you talk about the white silhouette, do you mean on just the woodmark, or the helmet, or both? I decided on White because a) it was different, and B) it was going to go on a black helmet. I decided upon that particular design because it's based off of a real satue of Kusunoki Masashige, a revered samurai (though I made several changes to it in my adaption). I experimented with red and yellow, but not sure it turned out too well:


I tried black originally, with a white outline, but it looked bloated with the fine lines. Maybe there's another way.

You're right on the kanji being a better design, I think ... but kanji isn't as identifiable with the masses as a dude with a sword on a horse. That being said, I love the Away helmet a hundred times more because of it, and the helmet 'horns'.

The Teambuilder uniforms aren't ideal, but I can't get any templates to work on my low-budget version of PSE8, so I'm workin' with what I got.

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The home logo looks very similar to the stampeders. Maybe the away logo should be on both helmets

You know ... I agree!

My problem was the black helmet. However, now that I think about it, perhaps I can try a yellow outline on the kanji instead of a yellow drop shadow.

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Updated original post will all new graphics changes.

I would love to thank everybody who offered suggestions, I hope the changes I made reflect those well-thought ideas. All of your help has been greatly appreciated and really forced me to make some decisions that, in the end, pushed my game even further as I learn how to use all these templates.

I'm not done yet, though. Any more critiques would still be welcome!

I know the uniforms aren't exactly Epic or anything, but I've looking at some other people's work and trying to study how to incorporate so much detail. It will take some time, but I'll get them there.

Again, thank you!

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