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Creating (mostly) new uniform concepts with (mostly) old logos in TeamBuilder


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Here are a few examples I made myself of football uniforms designed around old logos. I've never designed the whole uniform in PhotoShop; I find TeamBuilder so easy to use. Note: make sure you check the box on the page that says "Display Custom Logos," or you won't be able to view these. C&C welcome; also, does anyone else have anything similar? While it is a bit constraining in limiting one to pre-designed uniform styles, I love the ease of use that this tool provides. Most of the generic logos came from the Wayback Machine's archive of maddenteams.com.

Another note: I have two separate accounts because I made so many teams, so these aren't all from the same account.

NFL logos:

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1377545712 (old Eagles logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1367045943 (old Falcons logo recolored)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1366156830 (old Jets logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1368335437 (old Broncos logo, but not much changed)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1369238499 (Packers logo recolored)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1367292846 (Bears roaring-bear face)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1354292262 (old Seahawks alt)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383710764 (Saints recolor into a team of wimpy French Canadians)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383699834 (Oilers, nothing much changed)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383707963 (old Rams logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1386968854 (Lions, recolored to look like 1990s Falcons)

Other pro-sports leagues' team logos:

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1365369662 (logo of long-defunct NHL club Montreal Maroons)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1371011951 (recolor of even-longer-defunct NHL club Montreal Wanderers)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1369863874 (edits and [and slight recolor in one case] of turn-of-century Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds logos)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1371157741 (recolor and reshaping of Denver Nuggets alternate logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1371702834 (kind of forget where this logo came from, but I know I recolored it)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1380834636 (San Diego Padres' "friar" logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383760483 (Atlanta Braves' script logo and old "Indian head" logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383707887 (always wanted to see a uniform set designed around the Spurs' 1990s "fiesta" color scheme; here it is)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1395685965 (1990s Houston Rockets alternate)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1399986755 (Denver Nuggets' famous "rainbow skyline")

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1400869086 (Houston Astros' 1990s logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1402508288 (Brooklyn Nets, with some dark blue added)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1403823571 (Tampa Bay Devil Rays' early logo)

College and high school logos:

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383709310 (Western Washington University logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1378330431 (Rice Owls alternate logo)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1382667155 (Northeastern "N" logo recolored to original colors of "Buccaneer Bruce")

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383712318 (fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles from "Coach")

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383710651 (I think this Cardinal comes from some school, somewhere)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383710801 (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH, my alma mater; reasonable fascimile of their current and past football uniforms)

Corporate logo:

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383698936 (Boise College Big Red, featuring the logo of the pop brand)

Generic/new logos but kinda cool:

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383707786 (Maine-based school, the Lobsters, with "Lobstahs" written on their jerseys)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383710732 (recolor of logo that looks Purdue-ish)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383793902 (Great Southwest Sidewinders)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/2406205696:1383697715 (Eastern Virginia Panthers)

http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/school/1000353534665:1397658201 (in Kirtland, Ohio, and nearby towns, there's an old urban legend about "Melonheads"; this uses an illustration from one of the sites talking about them)

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Apologies in advance for the size of the post. I'm obviously not expecting everyone who reads this to look at every logo. Just graze till you find something you like. By the way, if anyone here plays NCAA 14, feel free to use any of these. :)

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For the Devil Rays one that looks pretty cool, just the logo is distorted. Might want to edit that, it's a pretty easy fix and would make it a lot better

Just not high-quality enough, or what? I'm not really sure how to improve the resolution. I downloaded it from this site.

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