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Non-popular college football teams sponsored by nike


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This could be an excellent concept if refined. First off, make those back panels navy as well as the nameplate area, then make the name light blue. It just makes the uniform look weird. Also, is there a reason the belt area is white? I'd recommend that you make it the darker blue(not sure if it's navy?) Next, the chest logo is too detailed for a chest logo. I'd recommend that you just use a wordmark or a simpler logo(if they have one). Maybe outline the numbers too. Also, maybe add a helmet stripe and instead of filling one space on the pants, make a stripe consistent to the helmet stripe (if you add one). And as PackerFan said, make the nike logos another color.

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Your first update was the best IMO, Just looked cleaner and more brought together than the last update. with the tiger stripes maybe try ,aking them look more unique, rather than some clip art image you found on google.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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