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infrared41's Best and Worst of the Week - NFL Week 13


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Last week was a tough act to follow but we still had some pretty good match ups for the best list this week. The worst list provided us with what is probably the worst train wreck of the season so far as well as a rare appearance by perennial best list team . Let's put 60 seconds on the clock and play our game.


1. Washington - Indianapolis: Nice color contrast from two of the best looks in the league.


2. Eagles - Cowboys: Someday maybe Jerry Jones will notice how much better his team looks when all the colors match. Put the Eagles in all white and this one takes the top spot.


3. Panthers - Vikings: The Panthers take advantage of an average week and a match up with new best list powerhouse, the Vikings, to score a rare top three appearance.


4. Raiders - Rams: In my opinion, the Raiders have the best road look in the NFL. I'm probably in the minority, but I like the Rams current look. Throw in the gold pants and get rid of that stupid collar and this game is a contender for the top spot.


5. Bears - Lions: The Lions take advantage of, "improvement through attrition", a weak uniform schedule, and a matchup against the Bears to score another top five appearance.



1. Bengals - Buccaneers: My GF summed up this one best. When she saw this game on TV, her exact words were "that is some horrific gear." Yup.


2. Cardinals - Falcons: This game is the perfect example of why it's a bad idea to follow "fashion" when putting together a new look. These uniforms were bad when they debuted. Now they're bad and dated. This game would have been a lock for the best list...in 1975.


3. Broncos - Chiefs: Kansas City's red pants look great with white jerseys. Kansas City's red jerseys look great with white pants. Red on red? Not so much. Wow is that ugly. Add in the Broncos and their ugly, dated look and the only thing keeping this one from the top spot is...well...the two games in front of it.


That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look.

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Would you consider doing a college football best and worst next season?

It's a cool idea and I've thought about it, but there are just so many games to keep track of. Every week it would be "hey, how can you leave such and such off" because I'm sure I'd miss some really good games and some really bad ones. We used to do a college best/worst on the Logocast. Even with three of us coming up with a list, we'd always end up leaving out a bunch of games.

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Bengals-Buccaneers was hard to watch. That was the first time I've seen a live game with the new Bucs uniforms and they're as bad now as they were when they debuted.

The Bengals were in their best possible road combo, but it's still a bad uniform and the orange clashed with the Bucs' red.

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