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Hey guys.

A lot has changed on the boards since I've last posted a concept, so I'm not sure how many members that are familiar with my past work on here are still active. My name is Colin Stasuik, I'm a designer from Calgary, Alberta, and I've been a member on here since 2008ish. This forum was my introduction to graphic design, and I wouldn't still be pursuing design today if I hadn't come across it. It is a great opportunity for people to develop their work and learn about design, and I'm glad it's still going. I don't really know what the state of the boards are ( I know around the time I stopped posting there was a ton of discussion about the concepts board and how to improve it ), but hopefully all is well. I've been lucky enough to talk to and learn from many incredible designers on here, and I hope that some are still around.

On to the concept. I've been getting back into sports design lately, but it has probably been a year or more since I've taken it seriously. There is so much excellent work being put out these days online, and a lot of it has pushed me to get back into it.

The first concept here is for the Anaheim Ducks, and I've got an Arizona Coyotes that - edit: has been posted. I may post more, I may not even come close to finishing any others, I can't really say. But I'm decently happy with these two, and wanted to share them. I encourage feedback and would love to hear your thoughts, but I probably won't be changing too much.

For the Ducks, I took a bit of a different approach than what they're working with now. I came pretty close to using the eggplant and teal, as it's one of my favourite colour combos in sports, but I opted to go with something a bit more realistic, and more in tune with the current look. Primary mark is very simple, and a mark I feel would work well on a jersey. Uniforms are almost identical to what they had back in the eggplant/teal days. Shoulder patch is very simple, and you can take a closer look here. I haven't put in any time developing wordmarks, but I probably will for at least the first two. I may work on some custom numeral sets for both ANA and AZ as well, something I've never really attempted before.

So please, let me know what you think of the work. Again, unless there are any glaring errors, I probably won't be changing too much, but feedback is still really appreciated.





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/ Arizona Coyotes /

And here are the Coyotes. The primary is heavily influenced by the old school "picasso" branding that they had when they first came into the league. I had some pretty heavily patterned/stylized options, reflecting the desert motifs, but I ended up settling on a sort of mix between that and something more modern. I've kept the brick red that has become their signature, and paired it with the sandy off-white, as well as a burnt orange tone. I dropped black because I feel like these colours work better together, and black doesn't really need a spot here. Uniforms are very simple. I don't know what the NHL's policy would be on an off-white jersey as the designated away, but I would love to see it, and it fits Arizona quite well. Shoulder patch is a stylized cactus silhouette in front of the moon. Again, feel free to share your thoughts, I think this concept is a bit more risky than the Ducks one, and will probably give more varied opinions. Cheers!





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I'm here for my royalties, Colin. :P

in all seriousness, I really like that Coyotes design. That "sand" jersey is genius.

Just trying to trick people into viewing the thread haha. (great work on the new website by the way, not sure how recent the update is but I just checked it out a few days ago, looks really nice).

Glad you like it. I've seen a few other "sand" based concepts, and thought it was an excellent idea for the 'yotes. Would love to see it actually happen.

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Man, it's good to see you back and doing new stuff! Nice start here, and I eagerly anticipate the rest.

For the ducks, I like the style you're going with for the logos. But I think the primary may be just a bit too simple (static?), and needs some other elements in there to give it a feeling of motion or depth. I like the overall look of the shoulder patch, but two things seem off to me: the duck's tail seems to have a strange shape, and I think you need more space between the first and last letters in both words so they don't all run together. Colors and uniforms are both very effective.

Like everyone else, I really like what you've done with the Coyotes. (And that color scheme! I can't put my finger quite on what it is, but something about it works so well!...) The update of the old Picasso 'Yote is incredibly effective, and I'm pissed I didn't come up with it. My only suggestion would be to line up that terminating stroke at the bottom/back of the ears with the angled strokes directly below it. The shoulder patch is simply a beautiful logo, and could only be improved by perhaps adding just a few more thorns to the cactus. Gorgeous.

The uniforms are fine (though personally I've never been a fan of the cream-for-white swap in any sport); they could get away with that simplicity due to what would be a unique color scheme. But I'd love to see what you could come up with that would subtly include a pattern like their old duds. I always loved that little touch.

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Ducks - i like the colors you had on dribbble for this better, but i understand your reasoning behind going ore natural. i think it's a bit too similar to the Dallas Stars though. you could separate the 2 teams more by adding another color to this palette. (unless you have some different plans for Dallas). you could bring in a brighter green or yellow. maybe blue? maybe brown? any addition would make for a really unique palette. i didnt want to make any Quad City comparisons, but what Matt did with the colors there is really good and taking some notes on their colors would be a good idea.

Coyotes - i have nothing but good things to say about this. i love the uniforms, colors, and logo.

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Colin, it's nice to see your return to sports logos. I agree with dgnmrwrw, your duck logo is a great start. I'd like to see it with some shadows and/or highlights. I think you could turn it into something amazing. The color scheme and designs of both jerseys are spot on. Hope to see more.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. I'll think about some of the suggestions, and If I go back and edit anything I'll be sure to post it.

Next up are the Ottawa Senators. A jump from the alphabetical order, but I had a concept almost fully fleshed out, and so this is the result of that. The primary is a modernized version of the 2D Senator logo that, in my opinion, is their best mark, and much stronger than the 3/4 one they use. I wanted to try and do something a little different then simply using the 2D mark however, and so I worked out my own version. Hopefully it is at least on the same level as the current one. Only nitpick is if the eye is needed or not. The shoulder patch is simply the O logo, it's very clean, minimalistic, and fits the team. Can't ask for much more than that.

The uniforms are a bit tricky. The home is the exact alternate they used in the early 2000's, which I really enjoy as it's very unique. I added in a shoulder yoke to balance it out more, but I'm 50/50 as to whether it's working. Only other change made was the addition of the wreath pattern in the collar. The away jersey is where things get slightly tricky. It's simply a reverse of the home, however it clearly heavily favours black, and very little red is used. It follows the logo much better than the home, but I feel like red is such a big part of their identity, and compared to the home the red is very scarcely used. So I'm not sure if the away is simply too different - in terms of colours - from the home, and if it should be changed. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that, as well as anything else you notice.






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