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Connecticut Tigers baseball


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Earlier in the year, the CT Tigers rolled out a couple mascot logos that look like something straight outta Steamboat Willie. Naturally, I felt them concept worthy.

Home and Away


Didn't stray too far from RL for the homes, though I decided to take a stab at including a bit of orange. The grays are based on the 70s-80s Detroit roads.

Alternate and BP


The BP is based on an old Detroit BP jersey that was posted here once, and an Erie Seawolves concept (I forget his CCSLC handle, but I know who posted it) inspired the striped jersey. I simply expanded the theme to a probably oddball level.

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Coming from a huge Tigers fan I really like how you used the retro Tigers look you used (Mainly with the Away and Alternate, infact I think the Tigers should wear there Throwback Road Uniforms more often....Possibly make them an Alternate) anyway one suggestion I would like to see is make a Blue Alternate and have the Orange as a Alternate Home and use the Blue as an Alternate Away.

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