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Youth Football Uniform Nightmare


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So as I was browsing Facebook, I scrolled past this post from Sportsnation


The comments on this picture are even worse. Seriously, I cannot even think of words to describe how terrible these uniforms are. There are people who are saying these are better than Seattle's current set. Which reminds me, they probably don't have permission to use that logo. Though, that is the least of the things wrong with this.

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This guy apparently is actually doing pretty well for himself and has even won a contest to design a nascar car for one of the daytona races (looks leagues better than his concepts that actually do end up hitting the field in youth leagues)






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I knew you could use, and sometimes recolor pro logos for youth teams etc. If there's only an on field component and no attempt to profit off the designs there's no direct monetary damages. I get that. Colleges have also been more strict with enforcement but some of these are absolute hatchet jobs to currently used logos. If I'm the u or the raiders, I'm not so sure if I want my marks abused in that fashion.

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These are bad, but in an entertaining kind of way. I think the worst jerseys I've ever seen would be the ones where they were basically split in half between forest green and highlighter lime green.

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