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Bowl Wallpapers (New Orleans Bowl & Pinstripe Bowl added)


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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I have a hobby of making Florida State wallpapers for big events that come around & it has led to a pretty cool collection. Thought I'd share a little bit

Here's my latest: Rose Bowl promo


& Sugar Bowl promo:


Feel free to use it wherever you like!

For the rest of my FSU album, follow this link: http://imgur.com/a/c6eVr#0

New Orleans Bowl (in comments): http://i.imgur.com/qGFtaaE.jpg

Pinstripe Bowl (in comments): http://i.imgur.com/SOWOeRS.jpg

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Great job, and even more props for using the updated Oregon helmet instead of the regular season variant.

thanks! tried to get the details right

If you have time, you should try doing some like this for other bowls and Thursday/Sunday/Monday Night Football.

Maybe I'll try to work through a few of the big bowl games, if so I'll post em here

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