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Redesigning the 2014 Spengler Cup (All 6 teams posted)


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Hello, CCSLC!

I've put together a redesign of all six teams playing in this year's Spengler Cup. For those of you who don't know, the Spengler Cup is the world's oldest professional club tournament. From Boxing Day to New Year's Eve every year, six teams meet in Davos, Switzerland to play in the tournament.

Every year, the local team, HC Davos, and a team made up of Canadian professionals playing in Europe take part in the tournament, along with four other teams invited to play. The tournament is played in Davos' Vaillant Arena, which, in case you haven't ever seen it, is absolutely $^ing gorgeous.

This year, like in previous years, the teams are split up into two groups of three, each group named after a Swiss hockey legend: Torriani and Cattini.

I'll start by posting Group Cattini, containing the tournament's first-ever Croatian team, the KHL's Medvescak Zagreb, along with the hosts HC Davos, and Team Canada.




By the way, in case you're wondering, yes, all the jerseys will have advertisements on them. This is European hockey we're talking about. The ads are the only thing I'm not willing to change about the concepts, because honestly, the concepts are not realistic ideas for this tournament without the ads. I have tried to tone them down and make them less of an eyesore than they normally are.

This is what the tournament's jerseys looked like last year. They're cluttered, all on the same template, and - worst of all - the ads stick out like a sore thumb. For these concepts, I tried making them blend in better with the uniforms.


I'll take any other comments, criticisms, death threats, marriage proposals, or financial deals involving Nigerian princes.

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The tournament is played in Davos' Vaillant Arena, which, in case you haven't ever seen it, is absolutely $^ing gorgeous.

It is almost literally a cathedral of hockey. Probably the most beautiful arena in the world in my opinion.

I love what you've done with Canada. The Canada Cup inspired large leaf, the use of just red and white, and the classic striping are all beautiful.

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Man, I love the Spengler...watch it every year.

I really want to go there some year to partake in the party.

I also really like what you've done so far.

The ads look "designed-in" rather than "stuck-on".

Totally agree here on all counts.

And yes, the ads are designed in. Everything on the jersey looks more sublimated than most.

And have you seen the referees' jerseys? They've been that way since the 2012 tournament. And yes, that cow head on them is an ad!



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Glad to hear you guys like the tournament and the designs.

I will agree that the ref jerseys are a little much, but hey, if you're going to advertise like that, you could do much worse. The arena is also pretty damn sweet; I like how Delayed Penalty called them "a hockey cathedral"; I've been calling the place that for years.

Any more C&C before I post the other division?

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Here are the other three teams taking part in this year's Spengler. These three teams form the other group, known this year as the Group Torriani.

Starting off with this year's Russian entry, Salavat Yulaev from Ufa, featuring former NHLers Teemu Hartikainen, Arturs Kulda, and Ivan Vishnevskiy.


Next up, the other Swiss team, in their second straight tournament, Geneva's Geneve-Servette HC. Starring Paul Ranger, Matthew Lombardi, Matt D'Agostini, and Cody Almond, this team won the tourney last year and is back to defend their title.


The final team in the group is Finland's entry, the KHL's Jokerit Helsinki. This team features Linus Omark, Niklas Hagman, Niko Kapanen, and the soon-to-be-the-NHL's-next-big-thing Steve Moses. They're also managed by Jari Kurri, too, so that's something.


Just like the last time, if there's anything you think is wrong with the concepts, let me know. Thanks for checking these out.

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